Enchanted Arms Review by cc99999

17 Oct 2009
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In a Minute Review - Enchanted Arms

Three stackable versions of Enchanted Arms await (if you are into exporting games) that's 2,700 available gamerscore for playing this game three times. The Asian version is glitched with only 700 points being available- but it is in English.

As the first Xbox 360 RPG, er JRPG, Enchanted Arms probably was more succesful than it deserved to be. It follows the journey of a mysterious college student and his friends as they battle bad guys threatening to destroy the....

You probably know that already, and I'm not going to waste too much time talking about the details. The highlight of this game to me was the transvestite sidekick- who is truly very funny- and the centerpiece of many awkward moments, a diminutive cowboy hat wearing girl, and the game's grid like combat system (which really doesn't get old, in my opinion).

The previous reviewer made a little mistake about their being no multi-player. There is an online battle mode- take or leave it- I never really got into it- but there are fanatics who like to create high level characters and test and demolish people. That's so l33t.

Enchanted Arms is more approachable than the Square Enix RPGs and makes more sense than Trusty Bell, er, I mean Eternal Sonata. It should be available for cheap now making it easy to recommend.

Completion time is roughly 30-40 hours with lots of grinding in later levels (unfortunately).