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Maxed Out All Character Levels

Make all your characters level 99.

Maxed Out All Character Levels+0.6
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21 Jun 2012 05 Jul 2012
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I actually found the Ancient Forest - Ruins to be a lot faster than the Golden Poo method, especially if you have at least a couple of Leis.

When you enter the forest there are 4 groups of Zebra Poos. Fighting 2 of these groups at a time nets just over 2,000 EXP and with the Lei equipped, that'll be just over 3,000 EXP. Since there are 4 groups you can net over 4,000 EXP without the Lei or over 6,000 EXP with the Lei in just a couple of minutes. Once you dispatched all 4 Zebra Poos just leave the forest and re-enter. I timed myself and I defeated all 4 groups and left the forest in 2 minutes flat. Having Mow Down 2 is essential to make this quicker.

Considering you need just over 12,000 EXP to level after around Level 80 or so, it shouldn't take that long to hit 99 and thus is the faster method I believe.
zr122This was an extremely useful tip. Much better than farming the Golden Poo.
Posted by zr122 on 17 Jul 12 at 03:17
LV 1 Blue SlimeAll I would add is that using a ground spell is better than MD2. It kills all of them instantly. If you use Mow Down you have to wait for the bottom row to move up so you can use Mow Down again, wastes time. A ground spell will wipe all of them out at once. Otherwise, very good place to level up.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 12 Sep 12 at 23:32