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That's What Friends Are For

Complete Co-op Career

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Fluster ZeroFluster Zero780,537
18 Oct 2009
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select co-op career from the main screen. you need 2 local players to do this. Play through and try to five star everything for the easy-expert 5 star all songs co-op achs. to unlock you only need to beat enough songs to complete a career, not all the songs.
C Dillingergreat solution but be warned, a friend and I played on my hard drive and recovered his account i was first player and we went through the whole career on expert and five starred everything i got the achievement for back up guitar, 5 starring on expert, and completing career while my friend didnt get any
Posted by C Dillinger on 18 Jul 10 at 15:38
troyoyI noticed something similar on this game and another old GH game. When you log in a second gold account as player two it then gives control to player 2 like he is now player one. It might even unlog the first player and make him a guest, I had that happen too. Safer to just log in a guest for player two.
Posted by troyoy on 07 Jun 12 at 15:54