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Snow Temple ranking

'A' ranking on Snow Temple

Snow Temple ranking+0.9
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Mr FiddlerMr Fiddler445,350
18 Oct 2009 14 Jan 2012
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Here is a guide to achieving A rankings which also contains a description of how to beat each level:

The following videos show you how it is done for this particular level (courtesy of Dmbledore):
CanadianWhizKidMinimum score needed: 30,000,000
Posted by CanadianWhizKid on 03 Jul 14 at 06:50
Octobot SuperSome of the game's worse design flaws really shine in this level. If the walrus dies, you get booted to the main menu.

However, the worst offender is the constant stream of horribly timed cutscenes. At best, this would be annoying; however, cutscenes CANCEL any attack you're using. Throwing icicles at the cannon goblins with Chilla to protect the walrus? Tough shit! Here's a cutscene! Be punished for no reason! Now watch as the walrus gets raped by bugs and ice trolls!
Posted by Octobot Super on 26 Feb 16 at 11:59
EarthboundXThat was really easy actually, was expecting pain, since the guy on Xbox Achs said it's the second hardest level.

Finished with close to 500 million points.
Posted by EarthboundX on 26 Mar 17 at 11:14
EthigyVery easy level. Even got hit quite a few times and still managed 60 million.
Posted by Ethigy on 03 Jul 20 at 06:28