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Zumba Master

Get above 80% technique in ten songs

Zumba Master+0.4
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23 Jun 2012
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got this achievement doing single songs. Already had over 10 songs with five stars from doing classes but hadnt recieved this achievement yet.

So looks like this only happens if you get 5 stars in 10 songs using the single song option. If anyone has recieved it only from doing classes, please let us know.
CamTheeGamerI too got this achievement by using single song. However, make sure you pay attention to you're technique % when the stat screen comes up after a song because I got an 83% technique 4 star rating on my 10th song and the achievement unlocked. Just because you get over 80% doesn't mean it's a 5 star, hopefully this adds some info to this achievement.
Posted by CamTheeGamer on 27 Sep 12 at 15:24
CRAZE KILERI have 12 songs with five stars and no achievement. I do not think I got any in classes but there were times the second player got five stars and not the first. Maybe this matters
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 27 Jan 14 at 00:59
GhostJohn325Yeah, I'm pretty sure it has to be with the main account. One time the Kinect picked me up as a "guest" and it didn't count towards the achievement, and it didn't save my score in the game.
Posted by GhostJohn325 on 01 Jul 16 at 18:47