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Perfect Split

All players split the money equally from a Fragile Alliance heist.

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This achievement unlocks when all players escape the heist with over $1 million total heist money.

Best done on hot coffee, but you have to make sure you grab the Senator's briefcase, as this is the prime objective of the map. It's also been reported in the comments that this might have to be done on the first round.

Once that's done, and everyone escapes alive, your achievement will unlock.

This will NOT unlock if you just escape with a little money, the main objective of the map must be collected.
Mobius EvalonWhat nobody is mentioning is that you have to do this on your first round. No deaths at all, and you probably have to collect all of the money as well. My group messed up on round 1 of Hot Coffee so we tried again on round 2, but received no achievement. Tried again in a fresh match, everyone survives on round 1, then we finally got the achievement.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 05 May 14 at 01:18
I'll add that to the solution.
Posted on 04 Jun 14 at 16:49