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Complete a Career on expert (Band or Solo)

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Deez ApplesDeez Apples471,738
05 Nov 2008
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Finish all the free gigs in a Career in Single or Band play.
Single: You must complete all free gigs on Expert by yourself.
Band: Every player (2-4) must have their difficulty set to Expert in order for the song to be completed as Expert.

*-If you complete the Career on Expert you will also unlock all difficulties below it. This is the same for all difficulties, not just Expert.
-If you are playing on a Guitar you can choose Bass as it is easier to play than Guitar.
-If you are playing Vocals you can hum the songs lyrics instead of singing, as this is much easier.
xNBKx Jigsaw250Damnit Im on the last two songs (possibly three if you have to beat the encore) of Expert Bass Career, but I cant beat it. Its pissing me off.
Posted by xNBKx Jigsaw250 on 24 Nov 08 at 02:26
AerodynamoGood explanation, very simple but all that is needed!

Would like to point out for anyone reading (rather than making another solution) that some songs will glitch to a lower difficulty... Many people are beating the game on Expert and only unlocking Easy or Medium, but if you check through your songs, you'll find one that for SOME ODD REASON was only ever completed on medium... Even if all the other songs in the gig are on Expert. I had this happen to me and freaked out, then found a song from the 11th gig that I apparently beat on "easy"... lol.
Posted by Aerodynamo on 26 Feb 09 at 14:02
dwu1983@ PsychoJigsaw250 - I had the same problem, but one day it just 'clicked' and I stormed through them without even trying. Keep at it and you'll do it.
Posted by dwu1983 on 29 Mar 09 at 18:18
Sir Vegemiteremember to build up star power, use it when your about to fail and aim for most notes and it should get you back up.
Posted by Sir Vegemite on 10 Apr 09 at 06:36
StoodBridgeBass is harder than expert, i got to the last gig without even beeing on the red on the bar, but once i got to BYOB, i can't complete it, still i can't.

Wish i took guitar instead.
Posted by StoodBridge on 16 Apr 09 at 13:28
Bass is soo cheap....
Atleast i did it on the MUCH harder guitar songs :D BYOB and to hot for teacher DOWN !
Posted on 14 May 09 at 04:39
LepraSaunBYOB just requires some practice, once you realise you can just keep strumming up and down at a steady pace and if you tap the frets at the right time you'll easily beat it
Posted by LepraSaun on 30 Jun 09 at 10:07
A1337HaxorI'm stuck on BYOB :(
Posted by A1337Haxor on 02 Jul 09 at 03:32
Viva La BarkerDamb this is so annoying
Posted by Viva La Barker on 05 Sep 09 at 11:31
Finn5toneEasier than guitar hero 3 atleast.
Posted by Finn5tone on 16 Sep 09 at 12:33
cozzie08I fineshed all of the free gigs on expert, but it hasn't unlocked! I've triple checked all of the songs and i definately have all of them done on expert. Ideas?
Posted by cozzie08 on 03 Jan 10 at 23:23
SteSteSte91Yeah at first i couldn't pass BYOB on exper bass, still can't, I ended up completing it on Expert Drums instead :P You have no idea how many times it took passing Assassin lol! Didnt have a problem with any other song apart from that!
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 13 Mar 10 at 12:57
AerosolChemistFinally i completed BYOB on expert Bass. I have struggeld a long time to get the hall of famer achivement. I have completed all songs on expert but still cant get the achivement, what is wrong?
Posted by AerosolChemist on 27 Jun 10 at 19:21
xAcer95xEasy as Guitarist, I failed only BYOB (maybe 10 times), Hot for Teacher (once) and Satch boogie (over 20 times) :P
Posted by xAcer95x on 29 Aug 10 at 10:50
Grimslinger19Assassin on both Expert Bass and Guitar is incredibly hard for me on Expert. I've tried to alt strum and it doesn't seem to work for me. I need to figure out how many times to strum in the sequences forgetting the random orange, or blue or red or yellow single note. I'm overstrumming and that's why i'm failing, but I can't seem to alt strum in the right speed. Any suggestions?
Posted by Grimslinger19 on 30 Apr 11 at 07:42
Daemonhunter 7After reading all the 'BYOB horror stories' I found it surprisingly easy and beat it 4 stars on my first run. Now i'm stuck on 'hot for teacher'. Got 70% through after many practice runs, but I don't think I can get through the last solo(s).

Is there anyway to change to bass, without re-doing the entire career?
Posted by Daemonhunter 7 on 10 Aug 11 at 12:22
Capt PoopeyAnyone who finally beats their last remaining song on Expert but doesn't pop the achievement (like me!) - simply go into the 'Book your own gig' and play one more song. I played 'About a Girl' and then was awarded the Hall of Famer.
Posted by Capt Poopey on 31 Jan 13 at 08:09
radamanthysplHaven't seen it mentioned before, so just a tip for those struggling with B.Y.O.B. on bass: If you fail the song while playing entire gig (or continuing it, for that matter) just play the song on hard, fininsh the gig and collect the achievements for fininshing the career on hard. Then come back to the gig and just pick this song only. For some odd reason when you play entire gig your rock meter starts off in the yellow, but when you choose to play just one song it starts off in green. This might make a whole lot of difference like it did for me. Now, I haven't tested it extensively but did double check it. Let me know it it works for you.

Also, this might seem obvious, but I've seen myself refusing to that myself too many times - if you've failed the song 12 times in a row, just let it go for a day, you're obviously too tired to feel the rhythm and in this song alt-strumming at specific speed is the key to success. So come back later and you'll see that the lack of frustration and anger also helps. I spent 2 hours trying to beat the song the first day to no avail. The next day, on the second run I got to 72% and beat on the fourth run.
Posted by radamanthyspl on 11 Mar 13 at 18:17
MattiasAndersonI got one question that has not been brought up anywere. I am doing Expert on Vocals. And I have beatedn almost all the free gigs now. Got just one song left.

I got two questions actually:

1. If i beat all songs on expert that is from free gigs but have bought the tool gig and did not complete all those songs on expert. Will this fail me to get the achievement even if they are not supposed to count? Like a glitch or something. I am asking because i really struggle with the second and third song on tool.

2. I have beat all songs except for one. If i play just that song that i have not beaten yet on expert. WIll I get the achievement? (If not i guess i book my own gig) However I wonder if I need to do the entire gig again because of this one song.

I would really like to know theese two things.

Posted by MattiasAnderson on 01 May 13 at 15:21