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Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV169,531
26 Jun 2012
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Here is a the Videoguide from a Friend of me. The Guide is probably the worlds first complete Videoguide about the Indoor Collectibles.

This Video shows Tech Pieces, Oscorps Manuals, Magazines and Photos in the (Main Story +3 ) Missions sorted by Missionprogress. You miss not one when you follow the Vid.

On Youtube is every Item linked in the Description, you miss one Magazin from Oscorp Tower part 2? No problem, one Click and you see the choosen Magazin.

Question? Ask me in the Comments.


Part 2


PS: Sry 4 english, i´m german ;)
Tony Starchelped me out a lot thanks. i can confirm that you can quit out of the level once you hit a checkpoint if you've found all the items you need in cleanup.
Posted by Tony Starc on 04 Jul 12 at 02:54
Faris HiltonYou don't even need to get to a checkpoint, the game auto saves right after you pick up an item or take a photo. So you can effectively quit the chapter right after you collect something.
Posted by Faris Hilton on 04 Jul 12 at 08:12
TheGuardian118Are any of the collectables able to be missed? Like if I finish a story mission before collecting all of them am I able to go back into it to get the collectable or will I have to do a second playthrough?
Posted by TheGuardian118 on 07 Jul 12 at 16:14

Danke für die Videos, hatte schon auf Hilfe dieser Art gewartet :).
Posted by NMN on 08 Jul 12 at 08:40
FailedSeppukui've used your friends guides a few times and apart from being in German (no offense, i don't speak it) they are always 100%

Posted by FailedSeppuku on 10 Jul 12 at 20:49
ZemidekIm wondering that too TheGuardian118 I'm not sure if you can go back but Faris Hilton did mention "Cleanup" that usually means going back to get the rest of the achievements so maybe you can, if you have already found the answer please let me know.
Posted by Zemidek on 05 Jul 13 at 19:06
thanks for putting these up
Posted on 19 Jul 13 at 01:19
Silicon IcemanThese videos are a great help. Thank you.
Posted by Silicon Iceman on 14 Oct 13 at 16:18
I8ITackyticsI8IYou can go back from mission select in your apartment. It even tells you how much you have out of each collectable. I'll be using these videos in the next couple of days as I have just completed the game. Thanks!
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 12 Aug 14 at 21:58