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Rescue 10 or more damsels in one game.

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30 Jun 2012
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Obtaining this achievement is entirely conditional due to the random nature of the game, and giving tips for it is hard for the same reason. You need 10 damsels in one go, so it's preferrable to start from the beginning where it's easier to rescue them.

This will only be achievable on a fraction of your runs, unless you're good enough to get very far into the game every run, so it's something worth trying for every time you play. They give you one life back when you beat the game every time, and there doesn't seem to be a maximum life you can have, so it's always worth saving them.

(Check out the options, you can change the damsels to pugs or male strippers if you prefer! Pugs all day!)
TerrificyI would recommend going for the male damsels over the female one at least, as a) their screams are better at guiding you towards them (in my opinion) and b) their screams are not as obnoxious to listen to for hours in a row.
Posted by Terrificy on 30 Jun 12 at 11:36
JadedJontyIt unlocked for me as soon as the 10th damsel went through an exit, rather than waiting for me to take the same exit. Helpful to know if you take a shortcut...
Posted by JadedJonty on 12 Jul 12 at 00:05
ScenemanI chose the option for random damsels, I like variety! And yes I unlocked this achievement last night and there is a lot of luck involved.

Damsels in the mines are usually straightforward but will sometimes spawn in crappy unreachable places. Try and stock up on as many bombs as possible before the jungle, as Damsels there are, more often than not, buried in treasure rooms you need to dig to get to. Then you need to cross your fingers and hope the Damsels in the ice caves are easy to find, the terrain can be tough to traverse if you don't have gear.
Posted by Sceneman on 13 Jul 12 at 00:07
Stormborn64In most serious runs its not worth going for out of the way damsels, so this is definetely an achievement to specifically go for and just get out of the way. Not too bad, if you don't get at least 3 in the mines probably worth just restarting. You also don't have to take the same exit as the damsel.
Posted by Stormborn64 on 19 Nov 18 at 04:25