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Ripley's Wizard

Complete the Wizard Goals on Ripley’s Believe it or Not®.

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Score a Super Jackpot
See Start Frog Frenzy guide below for some ways to score one super jackpot. You will need to score seven of them for that goal.

Score the Million Plus Shot
First you must light the Million Plus shot. The most reliable way to do so is to light the A3, B3, and C3 gems in the temple grid.
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To control which gems are awarded from a center ramp shot up to the temple, it is important to understand how the grid works. There is a light on the center ramp which reads “Gate Open”. If it is unlit, the ball will always go to the far left lane and claim an A gem in the row indicated by the number shown above the lane. If the gate is open the ball will go through either the B or C lanes (you can “help” it with a timely nudge) and claim the gem in the row shown above the lane it passes through. To open the gate, shoot the right ramp. Collecting a B or C gem will reclose it. To scramble the temple code, either shoot the upper left side shot with the upper flipper or shoot the Believe It or Not scoop when “scramble temple code” is lit on the backglass. Make sure you collect only gems that you want because a completed line will clear them back out.

Bozo will also randomly light the Million Plus, but don’t count on it to come up when you need it. And finally, the Believe It or Not scoop will very rarely light the Million Plus shot as an Amazing Event reward. Again the most reliable method is the temple grid. Once you have lit the Million Plus shot, collect it by shooting the left loop (the one with the spinner) with the tip of the upper flipper.

Start Ripoff Multi-Ball
First you must spell RIPOFF. You will be given R for free. To collect additional letters, shoot the vari-push target with a square enough shot to sink the ball while a continent is not flashing below the vari-push target. (If one is flashing, just play it out and then avoid shooting the right ramp to flash another one.) Each such shot will collect an additional letter. Once you have completed the RIPOFF letters, Ripoff Multi-Ball will be lit at the right ramp. Shoot the ramp to start this two ball mode.

Start Frog Frenzy
First you must collect all six super jackpots. There are a variety of ways to light a super jackpot on the upper left side shot, and none of them is particularly quick or easy. This is a very challenging goal. Bozo will randomly light a super jackpot if you have the world’s greatest luck. Outside of that you will have to do work. One method is using the temple grid as explained above in the Score the Million Plus Shot guide. Except instead of the third row you will need to light the A2, B2, and C2 gems. Another method is through the two and three ball multi-ball modes. In these modes, a super jackpot will light after all three normal jackpots have been collected. However, note that it will not stay lit after the modes end, should you fail to collect it during multi-ball. Finally, the most straight-forward method is to complete a trip to each of the seven continents. Sinking into the hole under the vari-push target an eighth time will light a super jackpot and feed the ball directly to the upper flipper to collect it.

Making this many shots will take some time and possibly balls. So a good side objective to be thinking about while attempting this goal is collecting extra balls. If you start a new game from the menu, the temple grid will be lit in such a way that you can shoot the first ball right up the center ramp and nudge it into the C lane for a quick EB light. That’s probably the best way to start an attempt. You will also gain some EB and special (which gives an EB) lights naturally throughout play, such as by lighting 12 idols. The 1 and 2 million super jackpots themselves light these as well. Collect as many EBs as you can to afford you the longevity to work your way through all the super jackpots.

Focus on lighting super jackpots only. Let the continent multi-ball mode timers and other modes (like the stupid road trip) run down to avoid the risk of losing a ball during them. Never use the upper flipper unless working on a specific gem. Ignore all the other distractions and modes. The main effort loop here will be to catch the ball on the left flipper, shoot the right ramp to flash a continent, shoot the vari-push hole to start it, and repeat. One great guaranteed way to catch the ball is to hold the left flipper as it drops out of the scoop. It will either settle right in or hit the left slingshot, which will send it safely down the right inlane and, if you hold the right flipper, back over to the left flipper for a catch. You can also almost always count on the ball returning to the left flipper as it drops out of the vari-push hole’s chute through an unfortunate lack of emulation variance that probably doesn’t work so reliably on the practical table. It will usually bounce off the top corner of the right slingshot, hit the left one, bounce off the edge of the right outlane, and drop into the left inlane as long as you don’t nudge it! Just trust it to happen unless you see it veer off course early. You will get a feel for this as you work toward this goal.

You can stack the continent modes that aren’t multi-ball modes (North America, Africa, Antarctica) or Australia. By that I mean once Europe, Asia, or South America starts, immediately reflash the next continent with the right ramp and start it with the sink hole. Speaking of letting the continent multi-ball modes run out though, one exception is if an outlane special is lit. These modes provide you a great opportunity to collect those specials (and more importantly their EBs) without actually losing your active ball. Do this whenever possible.

If you stay focused and calm, this can be done. Just concentrate primarily on working through the continent trip over and over while always keeping an eye out for easy opportunities to try out the two main (non-continent) multi-ball modes, check in with bozo, or grab B row gems. After you collect all six super jackpots and light a seventh, shooting the upper left side shot a seventh time will start Frog Frenzy, one of the most bizarre pinball game modes you’ll ever see.

Start the Trip to Atlantis
This is considerably easier than starting Frog Frenzy but still fairly challenging. Here you first need to collect all of the RIPLEY'S letters. A letter is earned each time a continent mode is “won” (and no freebies this time). It is important to note that this doesn’t have to be done on one trip, nor must you complete each continent. You could reach Atlantis by only ever winning the Australia mode (arguably the easiest), if you lapped through all the other continents seven times! In fact, my recommendation is not to even bother with the multi-ball continents and just count on getting to Atlantis on your second or third trip. To win Australia, just hit the vari-push target four times within the time limit, with a solid, sink hole shot counting as two. To win Asia, lap the ball around the left loop as fast as possible to flip the spinners 30 times. To win Europe, hit seven tombstones in the time limit. To win South America, hit the shrunken head seven times, with the spot targets near it counting and the right ramp lock open and returning the ball directly at the head. Sometimes you even get two for the price of one on head hits when it goes up and comes back down through him again. To win the multi-ball modes you need to collect all three jackpots, relight them with a particular shot relevant to the continent (like the penguin loop for Antarctica), and then collect all three again! Sometimes you will get in a groove and pull this off, but it’s generally not worth bothering with given how much easier the other four continents are to complete. It’s best just to let these modes drain so you can move on to the next continent without risking a ball. After you collect all seven letters in RIPLEY'S, find the bottom of the vari-push sink hole one more time to start the Trip to Atlantis.
FiscalCliff2013You should go into more detail about how to actually score a super jackpot. You spend the entire Frog Frenzy section explaining how to light it, but never how to collect it. Some other notes:
* To light Super Jackpot from non-ripoff multiball, you only need to score two normal jackpots.
* You can, in fact, get 'freebie' Ripley letters -- they're a possible reward from the center scoop. They're not too uncommon. (I got two letters this way on my Atlantis run.)
* Be careful of your wording. When you wrote "a super jackpot will light after all three normal jackpots have been collected", I thought this meant that there were three distinct separate types of jackpot shot that had to be collected to light super jackpot, because you used the word "all."

Sorry to bog you down with all this, but I was getting frustrated because I was mid-game and couldn't access the table instructions.
Posted by FiscalCliff2013 on 12 Jan 13 at 20:48