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Six Degrees of Schafer

Play with or against another player who has this Achievement

Six Degrees of Schafer0
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20 Oct 2009
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This achievement is viral, while rare at first, it will spread faster over time. Best chances of getting this one are by getting to play with someone you know who owns this achievement, or by playing online matches until you acquire it.

To those who own this achievement, spread it on so it will not leave others searching in vain.
XystraHow did the first person get it? (grin)
Posted by Xystra on 04 Dec 09 at 19:36
onnovdwTim Schafer himself was the 1st one, he spread by playing the game online himself :-)
Posted by onnovdw on 16 Dec 09 at 09:50
PhoenixRNHSo Tim Schafer got the achievement by playing with himself? lol
Posted by PhoenixRNH on 25 Feb 10 at 10:54
beastman ruleslol
Posted by beastman rules on 16 Feb 11 at 18:22
lightsup55I have this achievement now if anyone else needs it.
Posted by lightsup55 on 14 Dec 19 at 02:42