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Get Some Grub

Squish every antlion grub in Episode Two.

Get Some Grub0
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21 Oct 2009
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CinnyisNice. This solution deserves more positive votes, it trumps my link to a written version.
Posted by Cinnyis on 18 Dec 09 at 13:06
SPARTANKING8675excellent, excellent guide. especially with the killcount on screen. well done
Posted by SPARTANKING8675 on 10 Feb 10 at 06:40
drabikVery good guide - I'm just waitin for alyx to be revived, then I can get that last one. How is this guide not top?
Posted by drabik on 07 Apr 10 at 22:03
Wow. Ten thumbs up! Excellent, excellent, excellent! Better than the text guide any day and way less frustrating.
Posted on 09 Jun 10 at 05:28
Razorbak86Excellent guide, dude. Thank you!
Posted by Razorbak86 on 29 Jun 10 at 01:29
DragonFangDanAmazing video guide, breezed right threw it. Only got 330 my first time without the guide :(
Posted by DragonFangDan on 10 Jul 10 at 19:56
HurballExcellent stuff, cheers!
Posted by Hurball on 22 Jul 10 at 16:57
colostome boythank you very much, i had tried to use a written guide but it was really confusing, the counter helped, AND i did not know how to check my own progress to see how many i had so thank you so much you have helped me a ton!
Posted by colostome boy on 31 Jul 10 at 20:23
The GeestExcellent work my friend. Your guide is invaluable and very well put together. Many, many thanks for your efforts.
Posted by The Geest on 16 Aug 10 at 18:45
CabbageWithPieThank you for this. Has helped loads. You write brilliant guides. Keep up the good work.
Posted by CabbageWithPie on 13 Feb 11 at 20:11
MissFuchsiaFireAmazing videos as usual! Thanks so much.
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 02 Mar 11 at 02:17
tajbenderGreat guide, dude, thanks a lot!
Posted by tajbender on 29 Mar 11 at 01:11
Hahaha, "you can go around and tell people that you went and found 333 of something *abrupt end*" Hahaha

Excellent Guide man, definitely faster than a written guide!
Posted on 21 Apr 11 at 20:16
xXHe4vyHitt3rXxThanks for this I followed just about every second of it!!!
Posted by xXHe4vyHitt3rXx on 15 May 11 at 15:41
DesolationPointPerfect guide! Thanks a ton!
Posted by DesolationPoint on 15 Jun 11 at 16:40
WS Spartan 17I owe this achievement to you, thanks man !
Posted by WS Spartan 17 on 01 Jul 11 at 11:55
PvtCaboose32Very nice, the videos helped a lot.
Posted by PvtCaboose32 on 01 Jul 11 at 20:38
DoNTM0CKMEleaving a compliment would just be more of the same. i hope you didnt do this for free....this is top notch guide work.
Posted by DoNTM0CKME on 29 Jul 11 at 01:02
II FeSta IIThis guide is bloody fantastic! All 333 grubs detailed and shown in the videos. A work of art, really.
Posted by II FeSta II on 25 Aug 11 at 14:16
beets101One word brilliant, I love videos that explain how its done as well as showing....
Posted by beets101 on 17 Oct 11 at 22:46
Fatal FactorMint solution, he doesnt miiss a single one. Cheev popped.
Posted by Fatal Factor on 12 Nov 11 at 15:30
KamtrocityVery good guide. Perhaps one of the best I've ever used! Good job dude!
Posted by Kamtrocity on 20 Nov 11 at 02:02
LanEvoIXBrilliant work mate, extremely helpful, thanks a lot.
Posted by LanEvoIX on 03 Jan 12 at 17:38
sonnyliston1Thank you. Down voter happen you should be ashamed.
Posted by sonnyliston1 on 19 Mar 12 at 23:08
Gerbasgamerthumbs up
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 08 May 12 at 18:07
MugenKairoVery professional guide, nicely done. Quick question: I have completed 1 playthrough and snagged 323 grubs. I want to go back again however the counter still says 323. Is there a way to reset the counter so I can accurately keep track?
Posted by MugenKairo on 19 Jun 12 at 22:41
k0pp0Job done!! Literally just popped this whilst still karting that bloody gnome around
Posted by k0pp0 on 22 Jun 12 at 16:26
Ashen Seraph@MugenKariro: Make sure you start a new game rather than loading a checkpoint. Should reset the counter.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 16 Jul 12 at 19:23
xQu33nEmblaThese videos was a huge help for me. Very good job and so much better than the text guides.
Posted by xQu33nEmbla on 16 Sep 12 at 18:33
El CappitanThank you very much for your awesome videos. Great quality and great explanations. The same goes for all your other Orange Box video guides, helped me out a lot. Thumbs up on all of them. :)
Posted by El Cappitan on 01 Feb 13 at 17:40
pezza888Good videos, I'll use them when I go for this cheevo
Posted by pezza888 on 10 Feb 13 at 00:43
SalsbarThose were some good videos. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for putting the effort into making these! My only criticism is that since you have the counter on the bottom left, I felt as though it was unnecessary for you to keep pausing to check the total. But other than that, keep making guides dude, you rock!
Posted by Salsbar on 16 Feb 13 at 17:01
WavyGopalwho would downvote such a good solution
Posted by WavyGopal on 28 Jul 13 at 17:47
EGA BlackfireThese videos were a tremendous resource, thank you!
Posted by EGA Blackfire on 02 Feb 14 at 18:39
Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 21 Mar 14 at 05:57
GAMERJET XBLA+ solution! Thanks! toast
Posted by GAMERJET XBL on 30 Jul 14 at 12:16
Traveller NickThanks :)
Posted by Traveller Nick on 19 Oct 14 at 14:21
Mortis InvictusExcellent videos; great solution!
Posted by Mortis Invictus on 08 Aug 15 at 05:47
thunderkiss92Flawless guide, thanks for all the work you put into these videos! +1 from me! smile
Posted by thunderkiss92 on 24 Oct 15 at 23:14
PhenIX613Fantastic guide. Coming back to this game after a long time and I've gotten The One Free Bullet, Lambda Locator, and now this. Cheers
Posted by PhenIX613 on 26 May 17 at 17:29
SONofGIANTS610Awesome guide, wish I could up vote 100 times laugh
Posted by SONofGIANTS610 on 24 Aug 18 at 06:42
z RagnaroK zGreat guide. Thank you very much for the great video. It was thorough and easy to follow. Cheers!
Posted by z RagnaroK z on 18 Feb at 15:09