GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review by LitaOsiris

04 Jul 2012
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Originally reviewed for in November 2011.

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A remake worthy of the original? Or another Bond title to forget? Eurocom’s latest development has a lot to live up to.

The name's Bond, James Bond
Now if you’ve been thinking this game will be something like the original, think again. Eurocom’s GoldenEye is as the title says and is a complete re-loaded, re-imagined version of a fantastic classic. The plot is the same as the original/movie but all the levels have been re-envisioned and updated. The only part that looks similar to the original game is at the very start of the “Dam” level in the first area up until the tunnel. There are a few similarities along the way, such as taking out the guy in the bathroom during the “Facility” mission, but these parts look completely different. The entire cast has also been changed most noticeably with Daniel Craig now featuring as Bond. Even the main GoldenEye song has got an update and is now performed by Nicole Scherzinger.

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The game is quite lengthy, featuring 14 missions, most of which are takes on the original version. The only new inclusion is the “Nightclub” level which is designed to set up the “Carrier” mission on the ship. Most of the missions are quite straight forward and contain objectives, some mandatory, some optional and about half of the levels offer a stealth approach option. The player is rewarded more for staying out of trouble and as a result is given less enemies to deal with. The only real frustrating mission is the last one which features three consecutive challenging parts. I may add this was on the 007 difficulty for me which wasn’t really that challenging on the other missions so I was actually amazed at the difference. For players wanting to go that extra mile there is the 007 Classic difficulty which is somewhat the same as the one I played on except there’s no regenerative health. Instead you have to look around for health packs and armour which is just like the original and would be a worthy challenge indeed.

Shaken, not stirred
The graphics are quite nice and detailed. As an example, one particular detail I enjoyed was the visibility of Bond’s breath in arctic conditions. However, the main menu in comparison is actually quite bland in design which was a bit disappointing when thinking back to the Blood Stone menu. One mission I didn’t enjoy was “Bunker” as the end of the level features plenty of explosions which shake the screen quite frequently. Although realistic for such a situation, I felt almost motion sick with it that I actually had to stop aiming during those shakes. This for me was the only badly designed visual aspect to the game but it may not affect everyone. In terms of sounds, the music in the game is all Bond-themed action style and is quite spot on for the situations you encounter. The shooting and explosions sound great along the other environmental effects.

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The controls handle well with a variety of weapons to choose from. It also features a snap-to aim assist which can be activated from both in and out of cover and is available on all difficulties. The shooting mechanics are arcade-like in that there’s no bullet drop or swaying of the sniper rifle to worry about. Unfortunately the AI is a bit easy to deal with. As the difficulties go up, they do deal more damage but they often just rush you which leave them exposed.

For England, James?
GoldenEye also features an additional M16 special operations style mode which consists of individual challenge missions. There are eleven levels with three different types of missions – elimination, defense and stealth. The objective is to complete each level with a maximum four star rating. The player can adjust the settings to increase the difficulty including the player’s health, the enemy’s health, enemy’s accuracy and grenade usage as well as if the radar is displayed and so on. Although it’s nice that you’re able to customise your difficulty, this mode isn’t really anything new or special in games. It’s enjoyable for what it is but I think it may have benefitted from having a co-op option.

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The game does have a multiplayer but unfortunately, it’s not its strong point. There’s a variety of different game types to choose from but quite often the lobbies are empty. The multiplayer feels sluggish and one particular thing I didn’t like was that I could get killed when I was still choosing my loadout when I first joined the game and had no control over my character. In comparison to other top quality multiplayers out there, this game doesn’t stand a chance. It really is quite average.

GoldenEye is a decent game and it certainly has a solid campaign but the multiplayer is definitely not up to scratch. In comparison to the original, it’s certainly a fine attempt for a remake and worth a go for when there’s a lull in new releases.

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SanadaGreat write up. Not 100% sure if I'd agree with the scores, but it was a solid game overall. Except the online portion...laugh
Posted by Sanada on 06 Jul 12 at 19:13
LitaOsirisTechnically it got a 7.5 but I had to give it a round number wink I quite enjoyed the campaign so that's really why it got that score. I never really intended to play this game for its multiplayer since I was playing Battlefield at the time. Then when I actually tried it I was right just to think of it as a single player game. If it was just the multiplayer I was reviewing it would have gotten a 5/10. Putting it together, 7.5 seemed fair.

Anyways, thankies for reading!
Posted by LitaOsiris on 06 Jul 12 at 20:41