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Mos Eisley - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Mos Eisley - undefeated.+0.1
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06 Nov 2008
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There are two ways of doing this,

1. Try to be a tough guy and go beat this level without dieing.


2.once you unlock one of the Ghost characters, buy and use them because they can not get hurt unless you fall off of a edge.
Sausage PrinceThanks man! I appreciate it...
Posted by Sausage Prince on 14 Feb 10 at 15:08
gtasthehunterWill Co-op work for these? like someone stays as someone that won't be attack as much and can the other one die that can't even get Achievements or does this only work in single player?
Posted by gtasthehunter on 08 Sep 10 at 16:28