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Legendary Defender

Earn every Dungeon Defenders Accomplishment

Legendary Defender0
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05 Jul 2012 10 Dec 2012
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This achievement is some what difficult to track your progress on, since it require that you track your progress on several tasks in different parts of the game.

In order to help you keep track of which accomplishments you have completed - and more importantly your progress on the ones that require some serious grinding - I have created this Google spread sheet containing tracking of ALL the accomplishments, with visual formatting to help you quickly see what you need to complete.

The sheet is created so you can share it with up to four other friends, since some of the accomplishments are easier to complete with a little collaboration.
It has been awesome for me and my friends, and helped us focus on the tasks we were missing.

Please see the sheet 'How to use' for instructions on how to use the document and how to create your own copy.

I hope you find it as helpful as I did, and let me know if you think I should change anything.


Here's an example with filled in progress (actually a copy of the sheet I used until yesterday):

Happy slaying!.... :)
planting42Just wanted to state that this isn't a pain to track at all as the game does it for you. All of the awards you have earned for each mission under each difficulty are displayed. If you are curious as to which individual accomplishments you still need, use the D-pad to move the menu over to Accomplishments (when in your Tavern and examining your stats) and scroll past the ones you've accomplished.
Posted by planting42 on 10 Dec 12 at 15:55
S7uPIdI7YTrue, but not at all easy to get a fast overview of your progress, since more of theese require that you complete multiple tasks to unlock a single accomplishment.. But we all work differently - and you are the first NOT to find it a pain..
Use it or don't... Your choice.. :)
Posted by S7uPIdI7Y on 10 Dec 12 at 17:27
ElyohIt IS a pain having to keep track of it in the game, it is just time consuming having to look at every level to see what you do/don't need >.>
I was going to make a chart myself until I found yours, cheers for it! ;)
Posted by Elyoh on 02 Jan 13 at 06:19
PinskiThis is awesome! Thank you so much. I think I'm going to use this for my PC version of the game too..... :D
Posted by Pinski on 18 Mar 14 at 21:24
S7uPIdI7YVery welcome sir... :)
Good to know that you guys find it useful too...
Posted by S7uPIdI7Y on 19 Mar 14 at 06:11
EarthboundXNo idea why this has downvotes, checklists are always helpful.
Posted by EarthboundX on 05 May at 08:58