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Mines Shafted

Reach the Jungle.

Mines Shafted0
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06 Jul 2012 24 Jul 2012
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This achievement will unlock once you have completed the 4 stages of the 'Mines' level.

If you are having trouble clearing the Mines, read these tips:

A fall from eight blocks or higher will damage you.
Hold DOWN at a ledge and press Y to drop a rope downwards.
Land on an enemy's head from a high height to negate fall damage.
Grab a ledge while falling from a high height to negate fall damage.
You can walk through spikes if you are standing on the ground level they are on.
Do not break pots with your whip in case an enemy spawns. Pick them up and throw them.
Hold UP or DOWN to check above or below you, making sure your next move is safe.

Snakes: They won't drop off ledges.
Cobras: Shoot a deadly acid, so kill them from behind or drop on them.
Bats: Attack them while facing the opposite direction because your whip takes time to come around to the front of you and will do damage behind you instantly.
Spiders: They will still stop drop down if terrain separates you.
Spinner Spiders: If you are above them, wait for them to go down their web, then jump on their head.
Giant Spiders: Throw a bomb into their web underneath them to kill them easily. Make sure you wait so they don't jump out of their web.
Skeletons: These can sometimes spawn from a pile of bones found on the ground. They move slow and are easily killed by your whip.
Scorpions: They spawn rarely and will go crazy if they spot you. Your best chance of survival is to whip them to stun them, then run away or throw them in a dangerous area.
Cavemen: These are also rare to find in the Mines. They will sprint quickly towards you if they see you, so try jumping on their head or whipping the before they see you to stun them.

Arrow Traps: You can throw any object in their path to set them off. If you're desperate you can use a bomb, or a damsel will work, but if a damsel is hit by two arrow traps it will die. Sometimes they have already shot an arrow before you've gotten to them. Look around the ground for broken arrows to see if they have.
Spikes: If you land on these they will kill you instantly. You can run through them if you are on ground level with them.
Powder Boxes: These will blow up if a bomb explodes near them. Stand clear.
Boulder: Make sure before grabbing an idol you are aware that you must be 3 - 4 blocks above the ground so you aren't flattened by one of these.

To unlock the shortcut to the Jungle, you will have to complete the Mines level 3 times, each time bringing something new to the end. The first time you get there you will have to donate 1 bomb. When you get there a second time you will have to donate 1 rope. Finally, on your third arrival you will have to donate $10,000. Make sure you have what is required in your inventory upon each arrival if you want quick access to the Jungle.
AletheuoIf you're feeling brave (or desperate), you can also use your whip to repel arrows from the arrow traps. You'll need a bit a practice to get the timing right though.
Posted by Aletheuo on 13 Jul 12 at 22:19