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Kill 12 or more shopkeepers in one game.

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06 Jul 2012 08 Jul 2012
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You can do this in a multitude of ways but the easiest way has to be obtaining a shotgun in the early levels and then going to the Black Market to mop up the kills.

You can steal a shotgun from a shop easily by picking it up and shooting the shopkeeper before he can react. On the next level and subsequent levels, there will be a shopkeeper guarding the exit, but if you approach the exit carefully you can often take him out by tossing bombs (sticky bombs are the best for it) or waiting for the right moment to jump in and shoot. As long as you hit him once, you're likely to win as he drops his shotgun when you do. Watch out as the shopkeeper is coded to fire the instant he has you in sight, and there is no window for you to react. You need to create a situation where you're absolutely sure that you can shoot first.

You get to the Black Market by finding a hidden exit in the Jungle. You can find the exit by obtaining the Udjat Eye from the Mines levels, by using the key on the locked chest. I believe the Black Market has 8 shopkeepers so if you got the shotgun on levels 1 or 2, you're almost guaranteed the achievement if you can kill most of them. A good strategy for the Market is to pop a rope right where you spawn and then climb it and wait for shopkeepers to kill each other off, or have them gather up at the bottom of the level to the left or where the Ankh is - both spots seems to "trap" the shopkeepers pretty well. The Ankh shop is the best spot since you can just stand up to the right and toss bombs down there. If you have stickies, you can jump, press down and toss and if you aim right, the sticky will bounce off the wooden ladder and land further down, killing most or all shopkeepers down there.

It seems that, just like the fact that anything that hurts the shopkeeper makes them mad at you even if you didn't actually hurt them yourself, you also get credited for the kill if they kill themselves or each other. I had my achievement pop when I wasn't fighting any and was just heading to the exit of a Jungle level.
AletheuoAs long as the Shopkeepers die, you should get credited with the kill. So even if they shoot each other or run into a spike totem it shouldn't matter. I got this achievement by accident when I angered a shopkeeper trying to get into the black market which made them all hostile once I got in there. I got the achievement once I got to the Ice caves and killed one waiting at the exit for me.
Posted by Aletheuo on 07 Jul 12 at 11:30
RustyFCan anyone re-confirm that incidental shopkeeper deaths count towards the total? Like if they fall into the bottomless pit in World 3 or land on spikes or get killed by other shopkeepers?
Posted by RustyF on 07 Jul 12 at 19:15
StiqeRusty, I do believe they count? To the best of my knowledge I got this one when an angry shopkeep jumped into the abyss on 3-3.

And DROG, it's worth noting that angry shopkeepers guarding exits can be disarmed with the ghost. Assuming you haven't yet been seen by the shopkeeper or drawn his attention at all, the ghost can puff him away from the exit, removing his shotgun. If lucky you can push him into traps, otherwise it's a lot easier to sneak by him / get the first hit if he's down a hole on the other end of the exit from you and still totally unaware and unarmed.
Posted by Stiqe on 08 Jul 12 at 01:25
DROGTURISTYeah, I had my achievement pop when I wasn't fighting any shopkeepers at all at that specific moment, so I guess there was one somewhere on the level who managed to activate himself and jump into a trap.

Stiqe: Not sure if I agree there at all... Do you mean co-op ghost? If so, I'm not including co-op strategies in my singleplayer solutions. If you mean the "time's out" ghost, that sounds like a needlessly hard strategy to try to rely on. I just activate the shopkeeper by getting close, then I get outta there and let him spaz around until he hits a trap. If there aren't any traps, I do the same but wait for him to turn around and then I jump in and shoot him in the back.
Posted by DROGTURIST on 08 Jul 12 at 09:55
SummitVikingWhen you see all the loot and kills that you got at the end of a level, a shopkeeper will only show up as a kill if you actually killed him. If a shopkeeper falls in the abyss by his own actions, then the shopkeeper will not show up as a kill at the end of a level. But, it still might count towards the achievement.
Posted by SummitViking on 21 Jul 12 at 23:33
SummitVikingAlso, if you and a friend are trying to get this in Co-op, you do not each have to kill 12 shopkeepers. I believe I killed 2 or 3 shopkeepers, and my brother killed 9 or 10, and we all got the achievement.
Posted by SummitViking on 21 Jul 12 at 23:44
FlackoWeaselSome reason those deaths didnt want to count for me (falling into abyss or being killed by something else)
Posted by FlackoWeasel on 30 Jul 12 at 18:00
Cheese EmpanadaDon't think the abyss counts, because I got rid of 6 guys that way after killing 9 total (black market and then a jungle board after). :/
Posted by Cheese Empanada on 23 Mar 14 at 01:20