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Complete 5 Co-op Episodes

Complete 5 co-op episodes.

Complete 5 Co-op Episodes0
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22 Oct 2009
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To unlock this achievement you will have to finish half (5) Co-op Episodes. These are special episodes that require teamwork and working together to finish. You CANNOT play co-op on normal N+ episodes to unlock this achievement.

You can play over XBL or on the same console to unlock this achievement.

This achievement not too bad since you only need to win 5 episodes. It's easy as long as you have a good partner. Team work is the key here, if you don't play well together then you either need to re-think how you play or find someone else.

I noticed that the host seems to have an easier time then the other player. It seemed like the host's tasks to complete the level is easier. I would suggest having the person who has less skill is the person that needs to host.

This achievement is easy to boost, all you need is someone that is willing to boost with you.

The last tip I can give you is that only one player needs to finish the level so look out for opportunities to sacrifice one player to give a good advantage to the other player. Also work together to get enemies to come after you allowing the other player to get through the level.

Overall not too hard but there are several levels that are hard for sure. Keep at it and try not to over stress yourself out! Best of luck!

If you need any help let me know which Episode and I can create a video to upload if needed.
megglzAccording to my stats I've completed 5 co-op episodes I think, but the achievement still hasnt popped. Do I have to finish most of the levels for it to pop or does it matter who finishes (me or co-op)
Posted by megglz on 04 Jul 10 at 11:52
FafhrddBoth should unlock it. Not just the host.

You need to complete the full episode in order for it to count.

I would suggest, if you really have completed 5, try to complete another one to see if it unlocks. It should unlock then.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 07 Jul 10 at 01:10
megglzOk thanks, I'm just not sure why it isn't happening :D
Posted by megglz on 10 Jul 10 at 11:29
FafhrddI have heard saving is an issue and that it does not save like it should. Are you, after each completed eposide, letting it save, and backing out to the main menu?
Posted by Fafhrdd on 10 Jul 10 at 13:29