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Rescue 10 or more damsels in one game.

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12 Jul 2012 05 Aug 2012
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To rescue 10 damsels, you need to play at least 10 levels, meaning you have to be able to get about halfway through the Ice world without dying, probably further. There is no way to go back a level or rescue more than one damsel per level.

Things that make getting the damsel sooner possible:
- the extra levels: Worm, Black Market, Haunted Castle

Things that make getting the damsel in levels difficult:
- dark levels
- angry shopkeepers (note that shopkeepers in 1 or 2 future levels will guard the exit if you killed one before)
- kissing booth level, you need enough money to buy the damsel (unless you're brave enough to steal her)

Thing that make not dying easier:
- each damsel will give you one heart back
- get sticky bombs, either by killing a giant spider or in a shop, to allow for precision and ceiling bombing to free damsels
- getting the Ankh on the Black Market (50,000 gold) which means you can die once (you will respawn at the start of the level, and the level doesn't reset)
RedoduaIf you grab the Damsel in the kissing booth (without stealing her, of course), it gives you the option to buy him/her/it for a bit more.
Posted by Redodua on 16 Jul 12 at 17:53
KarlpantsNote that feeding a damsel to a giant worm counts as saving her, even if you don't get eaten yourself; she will be there at the tally screen to give you a kiss. This allows you to rescue a damsel before you've reached the end of the level, making it a bit easier, especially if you have another item you want to carry as well.
Posted by Karlpants on 17 Jul 12 at 15:34
mrbellekThanks Redodua, I'll update the solution.
Posted by mrbellek on 05 Aug 12 at 12:10