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Multi Head Collector

Accomplish 300 headshots in any Multiplayer Game Mode

Multi Head Collector+0.2
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16 Jul 2012 16 Jul 2012
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there really isnt a formula for this achievement

Me, Kameganthi, sqaudy demon, and andre bigboss 2 had done a session of all the MP achievements and this was the only one we could not get within reason, (the other being the 80 hours) our first thought was to just do 300 headshots, which didnt happen, later on we tried to do a glitch that we read that said do a 5 minute match 1 person doing the kills, then after the match was done, restart the match, then the host exits out to lobby, ending the match, repeat, as many times as needed, that didnt work, then we thought that it was the headshot had a counter per match, possibly only so many per match allowed, but gave up after the first match. the final one which got me the achievement was for us to set up a match to 100 kills (previously it was set to unlimited) I got it after the second match... so who knows. any insights might help people that are interested in playing still. after each match I would suggest you check the 2nd page of the stat screen that opens, it shows how many headshots you got during the match
seriousst001Thanks a lot! Didn't set unlimited kills and it unlocks for me.
Posted by seriousst001 on 24 Jun 15 at 14:57