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Gap Skiing

Complete the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill Jam

Gap Skiing0
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xX MothMan XxxX MothMan Xx128,725
18 Jul 2012 19 Jul 2012
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Apparently, this achievement is very picky on exactly how to get it. As you can see on Raticate's solution, I had issues getting it. A friend recommended jumping before the ramp ends about halfway between the bottom of the jump and the opening. In the video I show the location as well as a few of my attempts, including the successful one.

This can be done in free skate mode (unlimited time).
LanEvoIXI think you are right, I tried many times without success, and when I released the A button sooner, I got the achievement 1st try (probably having maxed out stats helped a lot). Thanks for the video.
Posted by LanEvoIX on 18 Jul 12 at 21:30
Calex dEUSI can get the distance but the big drop knocks me off on the landing ? I guess I need to boost some stats?
Posted by Calex dEUS on 18 Jul 12 at 21:37
Calex dEUSNever mind I read the other solution which mentions pressing A on the landing if big air appears.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 18 Jul 12 at 21:49
SourKraut1944I got it after jump from the wooden ramp which is about halfway down. Took a couple tries to land it but I could see the ski gaps appearing after jumping from the wood.
Posted by SourKraut1944 on 18 Jul 12 at 21:54
Monkey540To reiterate what LanevoIX said, there is a cupped section at the bottom of the ramp, if you jump before it starts to straighten, u will fly upward and not as forwards and get the 4 gaps.
Posted by Monkey540 on 18 Jul 12 at 22:38
xX MothMan XxThanks for the tips everyone!
Posted by xX MothMan Xx on 18 Jul 12 at 23:48
abtimbadjump earlier and you can get it everytime, and press A when you land if it says big drop
Posted by abtimbad on 19 Jul 12 at 01:31
Tony Starcmight wanna add to do it in free skate that way there's no time limit
Posted by Tony Starc on 19 Jul 12 at 08:07
xX MothMan XxUpdating with info.
Posted by xX MothMan Xx on 19 Jul 12 at 15:10
gogunners4yeah, you gotta release A before you get all the way down the ramp
why? makes no sense to me, but it works. bottom line
Posted by gogunners4 on 25 Jul 12 at 05:00