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Blood on the Sand

Reach level 50 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 50 on the Nowhere map in Horde

Blood on the Sand0
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Go to the building with the mulcher/mortar on top and don't go inside, instead go onto the roof where the mulcher/mortar spawns as there is only two staircases to cover. Make sure you make good use of the mulcher/mortar and in the later stages try to get some shield of the maulers to shield the staircase entrances. Make sure you plant the shield low enough so you don't get hit by grinder fire. You will need at least two people to do it with. One person covering each staircase. However with five people it should be achieved easily.
Pedle ZelnipOne problem with being on the roof is occasionally enemies will spawn at the back of the rooftop area unless a guy is standing near the spawn point.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 17 Jun 10 at 07:35
VengefulRoninThis happened to me and my friend as well. Two Bloodmounts spawned behind us on level 40. It only happened once, but it was enough to convince us to go inside the building. Considering you don't have the achievement, I think inside the building is better. :)
Posted by VengefulRonin on 17 Jan 11 at 14:33
GauderioWe got this last night - on the roof. 4 players. It was just taking too long being inside the building waiting for everything to come to do the door and occasionally kick down our shields. Being on the roof allowed us to have the high ground advantage on enemies coming up the stairs and only rarely did they manage to get through the shields.
Posted by Gauderio on 20 Aug 11 at 20:20