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Boar Bather

Ride a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell the tale.

Boar Bather+3.1
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25 Oct 2009
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For those with lazy eyes or short concentration, scroll down for short version. For maximum awesome and info, read text below this.

The best, but not only way to get this achievement is by stunning and riding a Razorfire Boar found near the Razor Girl statues, located south of the Wall of Amps and Northwest of the gates to Pleasure Tower.

Get the boar, and drive it all the way to the Sea of Black tears, where you fought Doviculus. There, the most suitable space is driving it into a shallow part of the "Sea" at the entrance to one of the tunnels you used to drive your Deuce in and slay the beast.

You can jump off before you yourself hit the Sea of Black Tears, the boar will disappear, but all you have to do is step into the water, with a single leg. The achievement will unlock once you do so.

TIPS: Popular to belief that boars cannot be slowed, they can. Most people think that left trigger is the only way to brake.
Use B for handbrake, this is mostly used for fast turns but they do the trick of slowing the boar down aswell. This should make it a lot easier getting to the Sea.

Call of the Wild is bound to your technology level, meaning that the more upgrades you bought from the Guardian of Metal, the higher level beasts you will spawn. Razorfire Boars are fairly low level technology so you will not spawn these after you've progressed far into the game.

You can skip the jungle part, so you won't have to worry about Lazer Panthers. After crossing the bridge, take the small ramp after the vista to the right, you will jump over a fence and will be almost adjacent to the transition jungle/undead lands.

It's smart to preserve as much Razorfire Boar health as possible, so do not use any guitar strings that augment your damage.


Find Razorfire Boar at Razor Girl statues, stun with X, ride with Y. Drive to Sea of Tears, while braking with B. Preserve health, skip jungle. When at Sea, jump off before you hit the sea. Boar will die. Now you step into the sea with one foot yourself, no damage. Achievement unlocked.

Comments or questions for extra clarification are welcome.
Leon KowalskiRe: "You can jump off before you yourself hit the Sea of Black Tears, the boar will disappear, but all you have to do is step into the water, with a single leg. The achievement will unlock once you do so."

I jumped off just before that last broken section of the bridge. The boar did go into the water. The achievement popped a couple seconds later while I was still on the bridge. I had only turned around and barely started to walk down the bridge when it popped. Never touched the water myself. Maybe that is only necessary if you dump the boar into one of the tunnel entrances?

Also I did take the hard right upon entering the jungle, but there was always a panther or two in that area. The first two tries they shot the boar dead, and the third try there was one on the other side of the jump, and I spilled off the boar avoiding the panther, but immediately re-shocked the boar and jumped back on, and the achievement still popped (I was only off for a second or so and didn't have to move to get back on him).
Posted by Leon Kowalski on 29 Oct 09 at 16:23
HustlarrIt's not necessary to stay on the boar in one ride all the way to the sea, you just have to dump him into it regardless of whether or not you've left the boar since mounting it.

And as for the Lazer Panthers appearing after the ramp.. yes, it seems these spawns greatly differ from one another. While attempting this achievement I had encountered zero, and did it in one try.
I've passed through earlier and later a couple times without encountering panthers, but when I was hunting my serpents, viewpoints and jumps, I started encountering them there aswell.

So it may depend on game completion, or just randomness.

And as for the achievement popping, well that makes it easy though. I'm not sure whether or not this is intended to unlock like this therefore I didn't take the risk and just set foot in the water just to be sure.. wouldn't wanna ride all the way again.
Posted by Hustlarr on 30 Oct 09 at 18:30
Octobot SuperYeah, I can confirm that you don't need to step into the sea. But the achievement did pop up alarmingly late (after about 20 seconds of waiting, I began to walk back down the broken bridge, and it popped).

Also, I'm POSITIVE that your Call of the Wild will summon the creatures from your last completed Hunting Secondary Mission. I really don't think it's linked to the upgrades of your Deuce.
Posted by Octobot Super on 12 Nov 09 at 22:32
KMetalmindOne last note: You must survive. If you die before the achievement pops up, you won´t get it :P
Posted by KMetalmind on 29 Dec 09 at 19:29
TomBowserAnother note, if the boar goes in the water by its own accord, as it did for me, the achievement will unlock :D

Note: the boar was on the verge of going into the sea, hence it died. I wouldn't think they would choose to kill themselves
Posted by TomBowser on 09 Feb 10 at 15:28
SilentJay76Octobot above is right. Call of the Wild seems to summon whatever creatures you have "unlocked" in the hunter missions.

See Bonus Eruptus's guide for the easiest way to get this.
Posted by SilentJay76 on 13 Oct 15 at 11:56
Dutch x Monster-1 for supplying incorrect information and not correcting it
Posted by Dutch x Monster on 11 Sep at 18:18