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Complete the game without using shortcuts.

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Carlos AgainCarlos Again151,184
27 Jul 2012 27 Aug 2012
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"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest." - Confucius

I hope my experience with this game and these tips help at least some of you fellow achievement-hunters obtain this tough achievement.

1. Get a kapala. The kapala is extremely useful for staying alive. With the kapala, the blood of your defeated foes can be transferred to imbue you with life-points. To get the kapala, you need to make enough sacrifices to the god Kali. The appearance of Kali's altar is randomized. The easiest way to appease Kali, is to sacrifice a damsel each time you come across a Kali altar, it only takes two damsel sacrifices to be granted the kapala, and they are most definitely worth it.

2. Get a jet-pack (or at least a cloak). These upgrades make the ice caves a breeze, and overall just make platforming easier. The jet-pack also removes any reliance on ropes (for the most part).

3. Don't anger the shopkeepers. Unless you are an expert at the game, angry shopkeepers are possibly the biggest danger in the regular zones. Even if you find a stocked jet-pack that you can't afford, the added challenge of the shopkeepers is usually not worth the risk.

4. Get a shotgun, and hold onto it. Having a shotgun is the difference between a Mario with no mushrooms and a Mario with two. It overall just makes the game easier. In the jungle zone, during the random undead event, there is a guaranteed shotgun. While most of the tombstones will spell "R.I.P", one will spell "ASH". A shotgun is buried under this tombstone, ready to be plundered. This secret is likely a reference to the cult Evil Dead movies, starring Bruce Campbell as Ash.

5. Get a compass. They are cheap, and prove extremely useful in the Ice Caves and the dreaded dark levels.

6. Stock up on bombs for the Olmec (final) battle, encountered in zone 4-4. I would suggest having at least 15 bombs ready for the fight. The object of the battle is to force Olmec to plunge himself into the lava pits at the bottom of the level. The best thing to do in this final battle, is to bomb out a sizable portion of the floor all the way to the lava pits, before Olmec notices you. Then you just need to get the attention of Olmec, and lead him straight down into the pit. The exit to the level is on the far right-side of where you spawn, so make sure you have a way back up.

7. Always carry something. If you don't have a shotgun, you can still use rocks, pots, animals and even the lovely damsels to set off traps, be your pincushion, or be thrown at enemies. A carried rock is infinitely more useful than carrying nothing at all.

8. Possibly most important to succeeding at this game, is the virtue of patience. You can hold up or down to get a better look at your surroundings, and avoid any nasty surprises. It is vital to know what you are getting yourself into, don't just jump down into a steep pit. If you get frustrated and/or rush through a level, you generally aren't going to last very long. Take your time, be wary of your surroundings and always learn from your mistakes.

Good luck, and watch out for the teleporting lizard guy.
MFMegazeroxThere is a typo in number two; "it is also basically removes." Other than that, great guide. FYI, I am that one person who gave you a thumbs up. :)
Posted by MFMegazerox on 27 Aug 12 at 20:07
Carlos Again^ Thanks!
Posted by Carlos Again on 27 Aug 12 at 21:16
Dollar JuniorGreat guide up voted. I have been at this for 3 days now. I have got to Olmec 14 times and died.
Posted by Dollar Junior on 25 Aug 13 at 22:43
TonokoStill haven't got this, maybe I'm trying too much at the same playt hrough. So maybe you should not try to get 'Casanova' and 'City of Gold' achievements at the same play through. At least don't try to get 'Public enemy' on this run! :)
Posted by Tonoko on 07 Feb 14 at 10:50
Eric From CaliThe achievement says beat the game with no shortcuts, but you don't say what a shortcut is in your guide. Is a shortcut when you die and continue? Or is the shortcut something in the actual level itself? Some clarification would be nice
Posted by Eric From Cali on 30 Sep 16 at 05:19
TophertaniumShortcuts appear after you complete a section (after the last exit of the jungle was when mine was available). A guy will off to dig a hole connecting you to the beginning of the next section. They appear off to the left of the start portal.
Posted by Tophertanium on 12 Oct 16 at 20:06
artemis filthgood guide, very well written. thumbs up from me.

i agree on all points except for angering the shopkeepers. personally, the game opened up a lot for me once i learned how to deal with aggro'd shopkeepers. for those who followed your guide and are still stuck, i'd recommend going for the "public enemy" achievement first to get more comfortable with the idea of killing those &$@?! shopkeepers.
Posted by artemis filth on 02 Jan 17 at 05:28