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Unlock All Ammo Types

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Chief HookapuffChief Hookapuff133,368
29 Jul 2012 02 Aug 2012
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There are 10 types of ammo, which are unlocked by purchasing the corresponding weapon it goes to, they are:

9mm Pistol Bullets
Hunting Rounds
Sniper Rifle Rounds
Tranquilizer Darts
SMG Bullets
Shotgun Shells
Assault Rifle Bullets
AM Rifle Rounds
Handgun Darts

The Cheapest guns you can purchase to unlock this achievement are:

Handgun - 350$
Hunting Rifle - Free
Sniper Rifle - 5,000$
Tranquilizer Gun - 500$
SMG - 1,700$
Shotgun - 2,500$
Bison Rifle - 34,000$
Task Force Rifle - 100,000$
Tranquilizer Handgun - 35 Credits
Rocket Launcher - Free

In total you will need to spend at least 144,050$ and 35 credits to get this achievement.

To earn credits the free way, you need 2 friends on your list to complete the third, and usually most difficult, co-op challenge resulting in 10 credits as a reward, These change daily at 4:00am cst, so if you encounter one you cant do, then try again tomorrow

If you need friends to add for co-op challenges, I recommend this forum post on x360a, i used it to get people who did the challenges:

~Thanks to Polerand and Polished Turd69 for verifying that Tranquilizer Handgun Darts are 100% required~
PolerandFYI, handgun darts are definitely required. Before I lost my progress I had the rest of the ammo types coveted save the blue darts and no achievement.
Posted by Polerand on 31 Jul 12 at 22:24
Polished Turd69Handgun Tranq Darts 100% needed just got it getting the darts :D
Posted by Polished Turd69 on 01 Aug 12 at 04:54
grex9101anyone wanting to go for this, feel free to add me. Just send me a message to let me know what it's about!
Posted by grex9101 on 07 Aug 12 at 15:09
vzr326I have now all weapon type except Hand Tranq. So I can confirm too, it needed for this Achievement.
Posted by vzr326 on 09 Aug 12 at 18:04
grex9101Sorry folks, I have had it with this game. Was at level 13 or so, game stopped loading. Various forums suggested a delete-and-reinstall, which I did. The game "found" my profile, and then crashed. Again. Not starting from level 0 again until this piece of shit "game" gets patched.
Posted by grex9101 on 09 Aug 12 at 21:50
SkrypekYou can however continue to play "offline" for other achievements.

I gave up on doing co-op because of the crashes and decided to buy the credits needed for the tranquilizer handgun. I had 16 and purchased 30. After the purchase my credits amount changed to... 30!.

Great job, Glu. Will this game stay unpatched forever just like Deer Hunter 3D?
Posted by Skrypek on 11 Aug 12 at 09:25
vzr326I'm earned 10 Credits with Daily Bonus (Day 5) today! So, this method is also working. Just play daily the game online for a while and at 5th Day have chance to earn Credits.
Posted by vzr326 on 27 Nov 12 at 09:21
BonxyI might unlock this achievement if the game doesn't crash again! :(
Posted by Bonxy on 29 Jan 13 at 09:06
SkelixI'm looking to get this, need some friends for daily contracts, re-installed it with WP10 (can re download delisted) so far it seems stable, maybe will crash less than my old wp7.
Posted by Skelix on 03 Nov 15 at 10:40
Shadow KisuragiFive Day Bonus Probability
10 Credits: 10%
12 Medkits: 10%
1500 Cash + Weapon ID 20: 10% (Think this is the special award Handgun)
1500 Cash: 70%

150 Day Average to earn 30 Credits from Dailies, plus the original 5 Credits to unlock the Tranquilizer.
Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 10 Feb 19 at 04:19