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Who's your daddy?

Destroy 10 friend's challenges

Who's your daddy?0
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30 Jul 2012 04 Aug 2012
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can be done with a 2nd (silver)account
have a friend create a challenge -just beat wave 1 on 1st arena and die on 2nd wave,then send it to you
not sure if you could just die 1 wave later,to be safe i did 5 more waves til it says -victorious- then bounce back the challenge (and have u´r friend fail on it-just die on 1st wave) --that´s how i did it- but achievement popped right after i bounced back the 10th, so i guess that´s not necessary
do that 9 more times,with the same or different friends and it finally popps---i used my 2nd account
mystic weirdo confirmed you don´t have to play til it says "victorious" and just need to do 1 more wave
dashboarding and restarting the game usually makes the challenge status between u and u´r challenged friends update faster, sometimes also the leaderboards, but those sometimes just need a day to show the real number of won challenges
FELDGESCHREIbtw before the patch i had 18 challenges beaten,while doin this tonight for the 1st 7 challenges it became 1 more up to 25-it stayed 25 when doin the last 3--but just when i was about to freak out bout the "still glitchy cheevo"- i noticed that my position on the leaderboard still climbed up with each of the last i finished 10 and it popped
Posted by FELDGESCHREI on 30 Jul 12 at 09:42
MysticWeirdoYou can die on the 3rd wave. I only did 5 extra waves once post patch.

There's a lot of lag with the leaderboards updating. My last two wins didn't show up for over a day.
Posted by MysticWeirdo on 30 Jul 12 at 15:01
FELDGESCHREIalright thx,i´ll change that.btw when i started writing the guide there was none,after clicking on "post" yours was up:))
Posted by FELDGESCHREI on 30 Jul 12 at 16:42