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Steal the Sample Winner

Finish a game while ranked in first place in a multiplayer Steal the Sample match

Steal the Sample Winner0
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07 Nov 2008
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Either do what it says to do in the description or go host a Steal the Sample match in system link and set it to the shortest time limit, play a game by yourself and unlock this achievement.
TheSpiderHam666Unless you pick up the enemy sample you will only end up in a draw and adding time to your 80 hrs but not getting the achievement
Posted by TheSpiderHam666 on 21 Jan 11 at 11:54
Cereal Offendaspiderham's spot on, you have to pick up then head to next point and it will unlock the moment you do this (touch the other pick up) if you just steal and stand still it will be called a draw
Posted by Cereal Offenda on 14 Aug 12 at 16:00
HolyHalfDeadThis is a copy and paste of your Chaos Winner solution. But for Steal the Sample finishing or quitting the game is not enough, you must end up with 1 more sample than the other team. Set "Steals To Win" to 1 to end the match quickly.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 10 Mar at 00:53