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First Xbox Live Rally Win

Win a ranked rally race on Xbox Live.

First Xbox Live Rally Win0
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Tank Force UKTank Force UK615,632
11 Aug 2012 09 Jan 2014
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Online on this is practicly dead so i am willing to help people out for BOTH the online achievements, bare in mind that they can be boosted in a private match but must have TWO people for the achievements to count, all i ask is for people to either set up a session or vote positive for the solution and not to bad mouth me off.

In order for you to get this you must win a rally race, it says it must be ranked but you can do it in a private game with a buddy. So who ever wants the achievement needs to win and who ever doesn't need it can sit back and relax lol.
Hanrec2This man is a true gent, he helped me get my achievement in no time, thanks mate.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 25 Aug 12 at 16:51
Tank Force UKno problem man
Posted by Tank Force UK on 25 Aug 12 at 17:09
Massive bulldogHey you still got the game?and will you give me 10min of youre time?
Posted by Massive bulldog on 05 May 16 at 21:47
Mr WhaanReally need these 2 achievements can anyone help????
Posted by Mr Whaan on 17 Apr 18 at 21:47
Tank Force UKI can on Saturday
Posted by Tank Force UK on 18 Apr 18 at 04:41