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Successfully complete a 1000+ hit combo

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Unlike "A Decent Start..." this one can be a little tricky to execute perfectly, but there is one area that you can perform a 1,000 hit combo perfectly. After you enter chapter 2 and obtain the fire upgrade for Fidget, you will be able to cast walls of fire which will fill the screen and chain together excessive amounts of hits.

The area in the video below is within the The Sorrowing Meadow. As you make your way down to the second mansion, you will have to deal with a phantom like enemy which you can only kill with projectiles. Have the phantom appear, but don't attack anyone, press "b" to fire a projectile, then press "y" to use the Dust Wind attack. Time your attacks, but once the wall of fire goes up, press "b" again and use your wind attack to chain a second fire attack.

Keep doing this and you will hit well over a 1,000 hit combo in this area. There are plenty of areas to earn this massive combo, but this is areas appears to be the easiest. If you happen to get hit, just jump back up and head back to the previous area and try again.
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FrustratedNerd +1. Watch your typos though. Or should I say "watch your typos yo" ; )
I prefered this solution since eventually it becomes a side-quest and needs to be done later in the game.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 16 Aug 12 at 11:26