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Baker's Dozen

Hang out with Twelve Friends in the Sanctuary

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12 Aug 2012 13 Aug 2012 14 Aug 2012
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Throughout the game there are 12 friends hidden throughout the world. To save these friends you will need to have 4 keys in your inventory to unlock a single cage. In total you will need 48 keys to unlock all 12 cages. You will need 1 key to unlock standard chest, but I recommend that you save as many keys as you can and locate all 12 friends before you use the rest of your keys on the various chests.

The following video will show you all the locations to find each friend. Once you have all 12 friends saved, make your way to the Sanctuary on your map and hang out with everyone you've rescued. You access all the friends, you will need to obtain all ability upgrades such as slide kick, double jump and the extended air jump. You will find all these abilities as you progress through the game, with the last one being found in The Maw location in Everdawn Basin. If you rescue a friend, you will also need to find a save portal as they're not automatically saved. So if you find several, then quit, you will need to rescue them again.
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FrustratedNerd Hey Mr. Top Solution Guy; Where's this red orb you need for Braid? I went through the Caverns three times and can't find the damn thing (or the % left on the map). I'm two away from 12... Also looking like I may or may not have enough keys to do this...
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 19 Aug 12 at 19:19
Fizzmatix The orb is somewhere below mudpot. Not the east side of the map. From what I can recall you need the wall climb ability, and you will need to smash through a wall where the orb is guarded by a trolk.
Posted by Fizzmatix on 19 Aug 12 at 20:01
FrustratedNerd All right, I'll take a look when I get a chance next. Thanks.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 19 Aug 12 at 20:28