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Successfully complete a 1000+ hit combo

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This mostly involves spamming projectiles in combination with dust storm. They track enemies and hit many times to increase your combo quickly. Un-equip all your gear to do less damage and avoid killing monsters before hitting 1000. Getting hit and having your chain broken, even after surpassing 1000 hits, will NOT earn you the achievement.

This can be done very easily, very early in the game with these two giants.

If you're already past that part, you can also get it fairly easily on those monsters with funny mouths in chapter 2. You'll regularly run into big groups of them. My combo of choice is X, Y, B, down+Y.

Further still, in chapter 3 you'll constantly run into big groups of zombies which should also make a thousand hits easy. This video is at the very beginning of the chapter.
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Arron114 This is how i did it. perfect way.
Posted by Arron114 on 16 Aug 12 at 08:55
FrustratedNerd I think it's worth mentioning that this eventually becomes a side quest and will have to be done again later in the game for XP as well.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 16 Aug 12 at 11:24
Angelr1pper Okay, I have a tip if your attack power is too high and the enemies just die before you even have a chance of getting it, buy the ugly pendant from a merchant and equip it, it lowered my attack power from 298 to 29.
Posted by Angelr1pper on 20 Aug 12 at 06:32
FrustratedNerd I had my guy about +5 levels then he should of been with awesome equipment and was still able to get this right at the beginning of act 3. There was like 100s of those zombie things and they could take a few hits.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 20 Aug 12 at 11:39
bs000 If you've already done the 1000 hit combo before starting the Combo Breaker quest, the objective will already be completed when you start the quest.
Posted by bs000 on 25 Aug 12 at 21:33
David Do0M You literally copied this, word for word, from
Posted by David Do0M on 24 Dec 12 at 19:18
FrustratedNerd David. Look who wrote the guide on x360a.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 24 Dec 12 at 20:37
bs000 How dare you accuse me of stealing my own work. How dare you.
Posted by bs000 on 25 Dec 12 at 00:33
Katosepe321 LOL to the last three comments.

I used the third method at the end game (this was literally the last thing I did before going into battle) and I got it on my second try. I simply unequipped everything and equipped the ugly pendant. The video says it's X, Y, B but the main goal is to activate the aerial dust storm and then use Fidget's fire projectiles on it. That's how you create those fire storms, in case anyone wasn't aware. Those rack up massive combos. It took me under a minute to get 1000 and still had about five zombies to go. Anyone trying this method shouldn't have a problem.
Posted by Katosepe321 on 27 Jan 13 at 02:30
Quarantane I did this really easy against the two giants. I came here to see if there was a guide to do it that way lol. Thumbs up
Posted by Quarantane on 23 Feb 14 at 04:25
Castila90 Nice one. Katosepe321´s comment helped me doing this. I found it easier to use Fidget fire projectiles and just aerial dust storm above all zombies. Seeing as i still did lots of damage without gear on. Thanks for the solution.
Posted by Castila90 on 05 May 14 at 10:09
A Batwoman Got it I was a Level 22 on Hardcore mode went into The Sorrowing Meadow right from the start got a save point went to the next area. I equipped the Ugly Pendant it lowered my stats so I could last longer. I tried both ways with fire projectiles and shocking projectiles. Shocking works wonders. Thanks. +1 used the X, Y, B, and down, Y combo.
Posted by A Batwoman on 12 May 14 at 21:14
Chieftan Mozdog Ok so a couple of pointers clearly needed for special me. I am at the two giants but, on hardcore, my power (cant recall what its called) keeps depleting, in the video this doesn't seem to happen anywhere near as much as mine. plus my projectiles either only hit one of the giants, don't produce as many and disappear quickly. does ranking up the gem section for fidget help this or? just wondering how I can improve. as of right now I get to around 700 on the giants
Posted by Chieftan Mozdog on 15 Jun 14 at 12:44
Bardan Jusik Yeah, that combo from the third video is killer. I had to use shock projectiles because my flame/explosive projectiles did too much damage. Also, something that helped me a ton was figuring out that I could pull off the combo without having to hit any enemies during the initial attacks, which saved their health for the lower-hitting shocks. wink
Posted by Bardan Jusik on 09 Jul 14 at 19:41
Solario32 Slide kicking the zombies at the start v of Chapter 3 made this very easy.
Posted by Solario32 on 31 Jul 14 at 13:07
KDiamond1973 Got it even with the very first giant - right before that couple - on Tough...
Posted by KDiamond1973 on 12 Jan 15 at 13:50
BloodngunsMrphy In the Sorrowing Meadows, there are floating enemies that spawn zombies. I found a spot near the edge of a particular section with several zombies and a spawner guy, took off all my equpment, and spammed lightning from Fidget. The only issue is those damn guys who explode and take off loads of health from burn damage.
Posted by BloodngunsMrphy on 29 Sep 15 at 04:14