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A Week To Live

Complete 7 days in any game mode without dying

A Week To Live0
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28 Oct 2009
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This achievement requires you to survive 7 days in a row without dieing. You can be grabbed but you cannot lose any of your lives. Now the best way to do this is to start on Day 1 with "All Weapons" activated. Now select your favourite weapon (I recommend using a flamethrower in circular motions) and kill those zombies. If you still need some help - get a friend to join in.
RogueCrippleryea man its almost hard not stayin alive with the flamethrower. you can just spin in circles while watching tv hahaha.
Posted by RogueCrippler on 10 May 10 at 10:42
Worm xthank you this worked great +1
Posted by Worm x on 10 Jun 11 at 04:15