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Blue Bomber

Simultaneously Kill 6 Enemies with a Single Bomb

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At the very first area of the Archer's Pass, where the first save spot is, under it you will see a bomb fruit. Flying enemies will fly around chasing you. Gather a bunch of them from the right side of the save spot, lure them to the save spot, stand there making sure there's at least 6 enemies there, press Y button to start your Dust Storm attack while standing on flat surface. You will pull the bomb fruit close to you and 6 or more enemies will blow up! This is one the earliest and easy ways to get this achievement.
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EarthboundX That's how I got it, it may take a few tries, since the enemies can hurt each other.

I have to try about 4 times, because they just kept dying from eachother, haha.
Posted by EarthboundX on 25 Mar 14 at 07:39
Castila90 Nice one ty!
Posted by Castila90 on 05 May 14 at 13:48
CR4GG3RS i was having real trouble with this because as soon as i started dust storm it killed everything, there is a pendant called the ugly pendant which lowers your attack rating massively, i suggest putting this on so the enemies don't die from dust storm
Posted by CR4GG3RS on 08 May 14 at 09:12
WeakestLnk Great suggestion to use the ugly pendant (or cowards x.1 attack). It made this so much easier to do at the end of the game when you are powered up.
Posted by WeakestLnk on 11 May 14 at 03:38
Leo Ascendent Solution should be updated with the above suggestions.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 28 May 14 at 16:48
VixyNyan I don't even think I used that pendant. Just lure a bunch of the flying enemies closer to you, it was very early in the game with minimal amount of equipment. The bomb should be taking care of the blow. I explained it exactly how I did it.
Posted by VixyNyan on 28 May 14 at 23:53