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Baker's Dozen

Hang out with Twelve Friends in the Sanctuary

Baker's Dozen0
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18 Aug 2012 18 Aug 2012 20 Aug 2012
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Cages are similar to treasure chests, but require 4 keys and are usually harder to find. Each cage houses characters that may be familiar to you. When rescued, they will appear in the Sanctuary. Visit the Sanctuary from the world map when you have all 12 to unlock the achievement.

You'll need 48 keys to unlock all 12 cages. Keys can be found scattered throughout the world, and bought from shops (up to 6 total from shops). Explore the areas marked with a circle to look for keys and other goodies. Some cages can only be reached with abilities that won't be unlocked until later in the game.

Aurora Village - Hyperduck #1
Archers' Pass - Bastion (Complete One Last Wish for Rainbow gem)
The Glade - Super Meat Boy
Cirromon Caverns - Spelunky Boy (slide required)
Cirromon Caverns - Spelunky Girl (boost jump required)
Abadis Forest - Bandage Girl
Abadis Forest - Hyperduck #2 (slide required)
Sorrowing Meadows - Dishwasher (vine climb & double jump required)
Sorrowing Meadows - Yuki
Blackmoor Mountains - Fez (double jump required)
Blackmoor Mountains - Braid (Red Orb required)
Everdawn Basin - Maw (boost jump required)

In this video, I show the locations on the map, and then how to reach the cages from there. Click the annotations to skip to any friend.
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SuperTigerWoods I think this is a much better video (with the ability to choose which segment you need easily, the video actually showing how to open/access certain areas that some might have trouble with, and links to videos showing you how to finds items essential to accessing/opening the cages).
Posted by SuperTigerWoods on 19 Aug 12 at 01:57
FrustratedNerd Dude you made this video? Hats off man.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 19 Aug 12 at 23:45
bs000 Thanks new best friends :D
Posted by bs000 on 20 Aug 12 at 07:32
Helmaroc Aww, kind of wish 'Splosion Man was one.
Posted by Helmaroc on 21 Aug 12 at 05:41
Polerand Great video and guide. I'd like to point out that you can get to 'Spelunky Girl' without the boost jump -- just need to juggle the enemy, jump, and do a dust storm: you'll continue going up in a storm until you hit something or take damage from the storm itself.
Posted by Polerand on 22 Aug 12 at 05:00
FrustratedNerd I tried for like an hour before I looked up a guide. That guy died in one hit for me everytime.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 22 Aug 12 at 11:05
Polerand I was able to zap him with a projectile-infused dust storm and fly through him. If he was alive, it was just barely! Could also come up from the bottom and hit him when he jumps down. Probably easier earlier on in the game, but still doable with a fairly beefy Dust.
Posted by Polerand on 22 Aug 12 at 17:01
FrustratedNerd I think you say you got luck! I tried doing off the top of the pillar, doing in the gust, and everything else I could think of : p
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 22 Aug 12 at 17:50
mourningXstar Any idea why I can't get to Tim (Braid)? I've been kneeling in front of the hourglass for about 15minutes. Do I need to find a note first or something?
Posted by mourningXstar on 22 Aug 12 at 19:25
mourningXstar Any idea why I can't get to Tim (Braid)? I've been kneeling in front of the hourglass for about 15minutes. Do I need to find a note first or something?
Posted by mourningXstar on 22 Aug 12 at 19:29
mourningXstar Any idea why I can't get to Tim (Braid)? I've been kneeling in front of the hourglass for about 15minutes. Do I need to find a note first or something?
Posted by mourningXstar on 22 Aug 12 at 19:34
FrustratedNerd Pay attention when you're watching the video for him. There's a pop-up that says you need the red orb, which is located in the caverns. If you click the pop-up on the video it directs you to another video that shows you where it is at.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 22 Aug 12 at 19:35
mourningXstar Thanks, buddy.
Posted by mourningXstar on 22 Aug 12 at 19:39
Thrifty SiMON How can I get the boost jump? I have the double jump, but I've got no idea how to boost jump. Am I missing out on something obvious here?
Posted by Thrifty SiMON on 03 Sep 12 at 20:28
FrustratedNerd You get it right towards the end of the game. Don't worry they'll give you a chance to go back and collect everything.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 03 Sep 12 at 22:58
Augmented Data Great video man. I actually love the Bastion reference with the floor rising as you get near to him.
Posted by Augmented Data on 12 Sep 12 at 19:04
L J EDM is there any key location guides, i'm running low on keys :(
Posted by L J EDM on 06 Jan 13 at 13:11
EnderQuake224 Im having a problem I went to get the Bastion cage and the Yellow Gem door won't open. Yes I have the Rainbow Gem. There is something im missing or I ran into something?
Posted by EnderQuake224 on 04 Feb 13 at 10:09
InugamiTheHound do you have the yellow gem from ? You get the purple gem from the "sanctuary" just go there and pick it up during the main storyline at Everdawn Basin.

And also I need more keys for this achievement I have 6/12 my first one was the Maw at Everdawn Basin.
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 17 Apr 13 at 00:04
Impdaddyzer0 I wish all gaming related youtube videos were done as well as this one. Most of the time, I spend more time searching through a video than I do watching what I came to see. Not this one. Very well done. Hope to see more like it along the way.
Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 03 Sep 13 at 19:00
Malebolge PL Excellent videos man, you really did great job! thumbs up from me!clap
Posted by Malebolge PL on 22 Dec 13 at 15:53
MissFuchsiaFire This is an immaculate guide! Thank you so much!
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 10 Mar 14 at 23:07
My Name is BaRt Can you still play the game after you have completed the story? or do i need to collect them all before the end of the game?
Posted by My Name is BaRt on 05 May 14 at 03:10
Armored Cantus Best guide ever. Thank you!
Posted by Armored Cantus on 06 May 14 at 01:31
Mobius Evalon When you reach a certain point in Everdawn Basin, a character tells you straight up that you need to use the teleporter behind him to finish any business elsewhere before you continue because you cannot turn back after that. Even though he's actually lying and you have a lot of time afterward to turn back and have several save shrines that you can use to teleport away with, by the time you reach that dialogue you have collected every skill in the game and have Dust's complete repertoire to gather treasure, complete sidequests, reach locked cages, etc.

Besides all of that anyway, there is no "game over" save that occurs when the campaign is done, there exists only the last savefile you made/autosave that occured, so even after finishing the game you can just load your most recent save and turn around.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 10 May 14 at 14:58
nicolau44 I run out of keys! I was stupid enough to chase the treasure chest before completing this one.
Is there a way to farm keys in the shop?
Posted by nicolau44 on 12 May 14 at 19:36
Mobius Evalon @nicolau Nope. The shop has six keys and there's no way to glitch it into giving you more.

All you can do is go back to areas that still have undiscovered treasure and search for keys on map squares that have an open circle in them. If it's a small dot or empty, then there are no keys or treasure chests to find there.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 12 May 14 at 19:46
nicolau44 Ops... I ran out of keys...
Posted by nicolau44 on 12 May 14 at 20:03
nicolau44 Ok @Mobius Evalon! Thanks a lot... Guess I´ll have to start over in the hard mode anyway, for the other achievement.
Posted by nicolau44 on 12 May 14 at 20:06
My Name is BaRt Thx Mobius for the infosmile
Posted by My Name is BaRt on 18 May 14 at 13:03
Reanimos Need help. I went up to everdawn basin collecting keys along the way. I then went back and collected the friends. I cannot get past the hourglass. The tornado is not coming for me at all. I have everything in the game.

Please help.
Posted by Reanimos on 26 May 14 at 07:45
Ryn0 L So, can you run out of keys? Or, are there enough keys in the game to open up every chest and everything?
Posted by Ryn0 L on 18 Jun 14 at 21:14
Mobius Evalon There are enough keys to open everything.

When I was searching for more keys to open up the cages, I opened every treasure chest I found on the way so I could get the small dot on the map cell and be certain there was nothing else to find there. I still had plenty of keys to open all the cages and even had a lot left over that I never used once I completed the game.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 19 Jun 14 at 05:54
Munhumutapa Finished the game and then tried to do this achievement.
i had missed 3 or 4 friends.
got all 12 using this guide, but no achievement..
even stayed in there like 5 minutes. no achievement!!
Posted by Munhumutapa on 26 Sep 14 at 08:10
eeysi Great solution ! +2
Nice how you did that video, with the links !

I also finished the game first, and reloaded last checkpoint.
I was stuck, @Braid, Make sure, you have the Orb,
and when you reach the wall HOLD DOWN button !
(the whirlwind will come)
Posted by eeysi on 10 Oct 14 at 19:13
Igneus DarkSide Excellent guide. Thanks
Posted by Igneus DarkSide on 21 Apr 15 at 12:13
Eric Filtro BTW, this unlocked for me after going to the Sanctuary with all 12. It doesn't seem to pop when you get the last one.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 22 Jun 15 at 20:56
lordeleo Is there some key guide?
Posted by lordeleo on 24 Jun 15 at 11:56
AlbinoKidELITE I have the same problem Enderquake224 mentioned... the Rainbow Gem isn't opening the yellow doorway when I go to get the Bastion cage. Any ideas why?
Posted by AlbinoKidELITE on 30 Jul 15 at 22:17
BloodngunsMrphy Guide NEEDS to make note of Yellow Gem for Bastion. I'm guessing I have to be almost done with the game to get it? You're wasting people's time if they think they just need the rainbow one.
Posted by BloodngunsMrphy on 29 Sep 15 at 23:59
A Dreadful Shot Great solution, video was very helpful.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 24 Dec 18 at 00:54