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...And the Dust Settles

Defeat General Gaius

...And the Dust Settles0
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Story related and can't be missed. Read on if you need help with the boss fight.

Gaius is the games final boss. There are four phases, with each phase adding something extra to the fight. There's a shop right before it where you can buy as many revival stones as you can. The game ends here anyway so it's good to make it as easy as possible.

Phase 1: He has a forward charging attack while on the ground, and an uppercut followed by a dive. He'll dodge or parry the majority of your melee strikes, so projectiles are the best damage dealers here. Jumping towards him and challenging him in the air seems to be the most effective strategy. When you jump, he'll also jump. Meet him in the air with some melee strikes and a throw if he doesn't parry. Use projectiles whenever you have enough energy.

Phase 2: This part adds electrical orbs that spawn at your position, and you'll be bombed by flying machines. Same strategy applies here, but you'll want to avoid the orbs as they do alot of damage. Use your projectiles to take down flying machines quickly. Try not to attack when he casts the orbs. If he parries, you can get knocked into them.

Phase 3: The same as before, except now you have to deal with the orbs in a confined area. There are 2 bombs that you can use to your advantage.

Phase 4: Watch out for the lava below. Try to stay on the main platform on top. My strategy here was spam projectiles and kill him fast as possible so I wouldn't have to deal with falling in the lava. Remember that food items restore your energy in addition to your HP.
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warm slurm Easy way to win: buy as many Revival Stones as you can since it's the end of the game anyhow. I bought 4 but only actually used 1 during the last phase. They're great since they completely refill your HP.

That way you don't have to grind. I managed to beat him at level 30 (on Tough, as well).
Posted by warm slurm on 19 Aug 12 at 19:57
bs000 I don't know why I didn't think of that :|

And if you want to save your money you can go around the save point after buying the stones too :O
Posted by bs000 on 20 Aug 12 at 07:34
Mobius Evalon I hard saved way back in the Moonblood Camp and relied on autosaves to get me through the clusterfuck afterward. I bought like 25 burgers and 10 revive stones but Gaius himself is stupid easy. On my only playthrough on Tough difficulty, the guy never landed a single hit. Spam that aerial Dust Storm (hold Y) and there's nothing he can do about it.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 10 May 14 at 14:30
Solario32 The last story achievement! There needs to be a Dust 2 :)
Posted by Solario32 on 03 Aug 14 at 18:32