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The fastest way to get this achievement is using the 2 player vs mode on MK3 using 2 controllers (keyboard will probably work too but I have not tested it). To help further you can use the 'sans power' vs kode to reduce the match to a 1 hit, 1 round game. As you can imagine this is MUCH quicker.

To get this to work, start up a 2 player game as per normal and select your fighters (doesn't matter which). Along the bottom of the vs screen are 6 symbols you can change before the match starts. The first 3 are for player 1 and the second 3 are for player 2. You will need to change these to show the following...

MK Dragon Sign (default), Question Mark, Question Mark, Question Mark, Question Mark, MK Dragon Sign (default).

To do this you need to press block and low kick buttons 4 times on controller 1 (by default these are the RT and B buttons), and press block and low punch 4 times on controller 2 (by default these are the RT and A buttons) simultaneously before the match starts. Can be a little fiddly at first but easy enough to pick up.

If all goes well, as the match starts you should see a flashing message along the bottom of the screen, 'sans power'. Finish the match within seconds and repeat until the achievement pops :)
Plasma SKXworked Like a charm smile also if needed try get a friend to help, goes alot quicker ^_^
Posted by Plasma SKX on 16 May 13 at 18:26
MarkyshizzleKITANA WINS!
Posted by Markyshizzle on 14 Nov 13 at 03:13
TrEX 71RKeyboard + gamepad not worked, you need 2 gamepad.
Posted by TrEX 71R on 07 Jan 14 at 14:19