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TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.6
11 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
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I luv L.C.
Time: 04:30
Player Damage: 0%
Car Damage: 10%

Practice Swing
Time: 04:00
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 11
Accuracy: 70%
100% Golf Accuracy: v

Chinese Takeout
Time: 05:20
Player Damage: 10%
Accuracy: 70%
100% Headshots: v

Momma's Boy
Time: 03:10
Player Damage: 10%
Crowd Helped: v
Counter Finish: v

Corner Kids
Time: 07:50
Player Damage: 40%
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 55%

Clocking Off
Time: 05:00
Player Damage: 40%
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 55%

Sexy Time
Time: 06:00
Player Damage: 0%
Boats Destroyed: 4

Kibbutz Number One
Time: 05:00
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 10
Accuracy: 70%
Boat Damage: 60%
Top Boat Speed: 70 mph
Quickdraw the RPG: v (kill him before he shoots a rocket)

Bang Bang
Time: 05:00
Player Damage: 50%
No Bombs Wasted: v

Blog This!...
Time: 02:30
Car Damage: 0%

High Dive
Time: 04:10
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 6
Accuracy: 70%
Helicopters Destroyed: 4
Free Fall Time: v

Caught With Your Pants Down
Time: 07:25
Player Damage: 50%
Cop Cars Destroyed: 6
Tank Damage: 50%
Sharpshooter: v

This Ain't Checkers
Time: 07:35
Player Damage: 0%
Perfect Landing: v
Always First: v

No. 3
Time: 05:15
Top Speed: 140 mph
Car Damage: 20%
Followed Close: v

Frosting On The Cake
Time: 05:45
Player Damage: 50%
Bomb Accuracy: v
Escape Cops Time: 0:35

Boulevard Baby
Time: 03:10
Player Damage: 40%
Groove On: v
Good Guy: v

...Blog This!
Time: 02:10
Player Damage: 0%
Time To Catch Blogger: 0:08

Not So Fast
Time: 04:35
Player Damage: 20%
Helicopter Damage: 80%

Ladies' Night
Time: 08:50
Helicopter Damage: 0%
Low Fly: v
Close Pursuit: v

Going Deep
Time: 06:30
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 70%
Vehicles Destroyed: 5
Bomb Hidden: v
Sticky Bomb Carnage: v

Dropping In
Time: 06:40
Player Damage: 40%
Accuracy: 70%
Landing Distance: v
Ashvilli Plummet: v
Truck Landing: v

In The Crosshairs
Time: 04:30
Player Damage: 40%
Headshots: 10
Accuracy: 60%
4 shots, 4 snipers: v

For The Man Who Has Everything
Time: 04:20
Player Damage: 50%
Duck Chopper: v
Helicopters Destroyed: 8

Ladies Half Price
Time: 03:55
Hanger On Time: 0:07

Party's Over
Time: 04:30
Player Damage: 90%
Headshots: 25
Accuracy: 70%
Enemy Cars Destroyed: 4

Departure Time
Time: 10:00
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 25
Accuracy: 70%

"Edit Credit to Moe GZ" Orignal link:
faultrdThe original link isn't working. Just so you know.
Posted by faultrd on 05 Nov 09 at 13:27
Moe GZfaultrd : here is the valid link :
Posted by Moe GZ on 14 Nov 09 at 13:04
I'm finding this list to be extremely usefull thanks
Posted on 23 Dec 09 at 02:28
damessmeisterVery difficult achievement to get it took me a couple of hours a day for about to week the hardest mission is sexy time because aiming the guns of the helicopter is extremely difficult to do and takes quite a bit of skill and luck.
Posted by damessmeister on 01 May 10 at 08:30
xLoCk 0nxI'm finding not taking more than 10% damage in Mommas Boy mission annoying, especially given I have to walk like a tard at the start of the mission! Sexy time was tricky to begin with, until I figured out the use of LB and RB in flying more effectively.
Posted by xLoCk 0nx on 22 May 10 at 19:12
Slim PanatellaGood tip for Momma's Boy if you're having difficulty with not losing over 10% health. Beat the 3rd guy then run off when you're supposed to kill Santo. Keep running until he is a way behind and look for a hot dog stall, replenish your health there and then finish him off. You will get 0% health lost for that mission. Works on other missions too when you have to do a task like evade the police etc.
Posted by Slim Panatella on 02 Oct 11 at 15:45
llDurbinllWhat's with the 'v' on some of the requirements? I came to this guide to see what the requirements were in text form instead of having to watch a video but since you don't explain what each requirement is, then this guide is pointless.
Posted by llDurbinll on 02 Dec 13 at 05:35
TheBongoFuryQuestion: If say, I have a mission done 74%, do I have to get all the targets again in a replay or do they keep that way so I can 100% when I miss a target?
Posted by TheBongoFury on 21 May 14 at 12:56
RomerNakataThey keep that way. You don't need to reach all the targets at once.
Posted by RomerNakata on 12 Jul 14 at 11:37
KillaQueens515Just so any future readers no the "v"s are suppose to be check marks. This solution was somewhat helpful but I can't figure out how to do "Follow Closely" for Mission No. "3."
Posted by KillaQueens515 on 10 Dec 16 at 01:31
Brett Evans15So you guys, it’s just use the other check marks first without 100% on 26 missions. Lastly, it’s that right to use another check marks for the other check mark on 26 missions to replay (repeat) the missions or no?! Is that right for all of guys? I hope this works or not to get Gold Star Achievement for me. Please let me know it. Thanks!
Posted by Brett Evans15 on 03 Apr at 00:09