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Blitz and Giggles

Stay in Blitz Mode for at least 30 seconds in a single song.

Blitz and Giggles0
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30 Aug 2012
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If you hit 25 notes without missing any, the 'Blitz' meter at the top of the screen fills up and you enter Blitz mode, where your viewpoint is lowered to the highway track, the notes are spaced further apart and the highway speeds up (much like hyperspeed in regular Rock Band does).

If you miss 3 notes on the current track, you drop out of Blitz mode. The easiest way to stay in there for 30 seconds is probably to switch to a track with few notes, and hit them all.
ChuckieJYou guys are probably better at this game than me. For those like me that need a hint, the bass line on Stronger by Kelly Clarkson is perfect for this achievement.
Posted by ChuckieJ on 22 Dec 12 at 02:55