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Her Favorite

Win the kapala from Kali.

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30 Aug 2012
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Another way to get it easily when you have only one controller :)
You need to cumulate 16 points.

- Find a stage with an Altar.
- Find the damsel and sacrifice her (12 points).
- Find a rock and take it.
- Try to launch the rock on a wall. The rock must bounce and knock you out on the Alter to sacrifice yourself :D

Watch the video ;)
Cheese TouchIf you are going to sacrifice yourself, you can also drop down onto the altar from a height that will stun you. This is how I got it (after sacrificing a damsel). I was maybe a half dozen tiles higher than the roof of the room with the altar. Just bomb your way down through the roof above the altar and use ropes to experiment with the height.
Posted by Cheese Touch on 24 Jun 14 at 13:07