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...And the Dust Settles

Defeat General Gaius

...And the Dust Settles0
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...And the Dust Settles - 50G

Difficulty: 5-8/10 (Depending on game difficulty)

I challenged the General twice, on Normal at lvl 46 and on Tough at 50, won both times. I suggest having 2-4 Revival Stones but you may not need them if you're confident in your skills up to this point. I also suggest buying as many Buffalo Burgers as you can for food. the 15 seconds of increased attack power destroyed Gaius in the 4th Phase of the fight, throughout the match I used Dust's X,X,Y combo (Where he slashes them twice then grabs them and smashes them into the floor), this helped on the first 2 phases. Then on phases 3 and 4 I used Dust's Down + Y attack in mid air (you slash straight down to the ground) while using Buffalo Burgers to crush what was left of Gaius. In the 2nd phase you will have allies helping you, but in the 3rd, Gaius will have allies. If they become a problem I suggest blasting them with a lightning-duststorm and crushing them in the air. You will also have 2 bombs to use to your advantage in the 3rd Phase.Gaius' orbs can poison and Phase 4's lava will burn so bring status items