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09 Sep 2012 14 Apr 2013
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To fix money "problem", with this you only need to win every tournament once, not multiple times to increase your bank roll to get in All World tournament. (Warning: if you care for time stamps and don't yet have 100k and 1 million achievements, those will pop up offline)

You need:
*USB stick (or memory card).

*Disc version of game, found on Xbox Arcade Unplugged, Volume 1 disc (This does not work with XBLA download version???)
UPDATE: Czaleo tells this one worked with DOWNLOADED VERSION, so follow instructions to letter and see if it works for you. Quote from his comment: "cleared my cache, deleted the game from the HD, cleared my cache again, shut my xbox off, and when I turned it back on, downloaded the game again, then I got the update notification and everything worked great."

1. Clear system cache (to remove update, as this is patched. Go system settings, storage, hard drive device options)
2. Transfer your profile on USB stick.
3. Start game, decline update.
4. Select Single player, tournament.
5. Select highest tournament you funds allow. If you have less than 4k you have to select Invitational. Press A button.
6. Now you see pay-out table on screen. Press A button.
7. During bank roll summary screen, remove USB stick from xbox. After that, proceed and press A button.
8. Confirmation screen pops up. Select "no" by pressing B button.
9. Game goes back to main menu. When you go to tournament screen, you can see your bank roll increased.
10. You can repeat steps 4-9 as many times as you want, you don't need to insert and remove USB stick between tournaments.
11. When you are finished making money, insert USB stick.You have to start new game - single play or tournament - you can immediately leave table or finish game, to save game and money you made.

Then you can go back to dashboard and update, you still have all money you made with this glitch.

Money you get from doing this each time:
Inventional - 1k
Regional - 12k
National - 48k
All World - 375k

I tested this also with new gamertag, if you have any problems or questions, leave comment.
MADDL007does not work in downloaded version of the game.
Posted by MADDL007 on 11 Jan 13 at 01:51
ZalexzyToo bad, thank for input though. Added info in solution.
Posted by Zalexzy on 11 Jan 13 at 03:43
MoxavianI just ordered the disc version from Goodwill on eBay ($5.37 Buy-it-Now). Hopefully, this works for me, as I still need to beat the last tournament table and don't feel like really risking all the time to earn the money. Either way, at least I got it at Goodwill :)
Posted by Moxavian on 29 Jan 13 at 21:19
Darth BarthusI have the disk. I had to put my usb in and out every round but otherwise worked like a charm.
Posted by Darth Barthus on 20 Feb 13 at 08:19
I can confirm, this DOES work with the downloaded version of the game. I just did it. Awesome glitch, normally I don't take advantage of glitches in games... but this poor excuse of a poker game has been my nemesis for years now. I could give a long story about it, but blah.. whatever. Just know, I have the downloaded version, and this works! Would give you 10 thumbs up if I could Zalexzy.
Posted on 13 Apr 13 at 08:15
ZalexzyThat's great.
Posted by Zalexzy on 13 Apr 13 at 11:50
Maybe this might help (not sure.) But when I cleared my cache to my HD, initially it didn't work (I didn't get the update download notification.) So I then cleared my cache, deleted the game from the HD, cleared my cache again, shut my xbox off, and when I turned it back on, downloaded the game again, then I got the update notification and everything worked great. Hope that helps someone, (I don't give up so easy, maybe that's why I got it to work :-p) Thanks again Zalexzy!
Posted on 13 Apr 13 at 20:29
LCFCpanThis still works, did it today. Quality guide. THUMBS UP
Posted by LCFCpan on 13 May 13 at 17:39
Deez ApplesIf you can't get your cache to clear, try clearing it 5 times in a row. That's what worked for me. Also, if you want to get this achievement online, just accept the update after you get the money and save.
Posted by Deez Apples on 18 Jun 13 at 08:22
ksiddiqueWorked like a charm. Thanks so much.
Posted by ksiddique on 20 Jun 13 at 00:22
SalsbarI can confirm it worked for me on the downloaded version of the game.
Posted by Salsbar on 03 Jul 13 at 03:23
Flydog92won't let me play tournaments because it thinks its a trial game. i have the downloaded version. what do I need to do to get this to work?
Posted by Flydog92 on 24 Jul 13 at 20:44
Flydog92tried deleting game and reinstalling and still no luck. idk what exactly im doing wrong here. if it works with the downloaded version, why isnt it working for me?
Posted by Flydog92 on 24 Jul 13 at 21:17
ZalexzyHave you bought game with different xbox 360? If yes, you need to transfer license to your current console, as playing on offline shows it as trial game because it can't check your license online.
Posted by Zalexzy on 25 Jul 13 at 05:54
CRO5573YAmazing! Worked perfectly on xbox arcade version. Genius mate. How do you know this stuff. Finally got it after 2 years of AI torture. Thanks very much smile
Posted by CRO5573Y on 05 Dec 13 at 13:18
XI AlphaMale IXIt works on the downloaded version, but not if the DRM is connected to another Xbox. I had to break out my old Xbox (I don't want to transfer licenses yet) to get it to work. Otherwise it's seen as a trial.

Went from $7,000 to $10,000,000+ in minutes. Great find. +1 from me.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 17 Feb 14 at 01:07
liner bronsonHmm, I can't get this to work at all. Cleared cache and redownloaded game twice but no update was required either time. Also, I was expecting to see my stats wiped but they were all still there...Anyone have any ideas?
Posted by liner bronson on 28 Feb 14 at 21:16
XI AlphaMale IXThere should definitely be a title update for this game once the cache is cleared. Your stats won't be wiped because they're not saved locally - it's just a glitch that's been patched.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 01 Mar 14 at 23:07
ZalexzyCan't imagine why you dont get prompt for update. Unless you download game to usb stick and clear cache from wrong device or something.

All stats, money and info etc. is stored in your gamertag profile so they stay always there.
Posted by Zalexzy on 03 Mar 14 at 23:58
liner bronsonNope, me neither and I tried numerous times. Never mind though, I managed to buy a copy of the retail game for 3 quid so it's all good. Thanks for the responses.
Posted by liner bronson on 05 Mar 14 at 15:42
WobbloI tried all the above steps to prompt the update for the downloaded version but no luck. I then got it to work by following Czaleo's method but also clearing the cache after re-downloading it. Not sure if it made the difference or was just lucky but I got the update prompt. Thanks for the tips guys.
Posted by Wobblo on 14 Oct 14 at 20:39
Outlaw MustangsI also did what Wobblo did, cleared cache after D/L. I believe they may have added the patch to the D/ clearing the cache AFTER D/L fixes problem.
Posted by Outlaw Mustangs on 28 Oct 14 at 14:46
skylinesendWorked great! Thanks!
Posted by skylinesend on 03 Jul 15 at 19:17
My Name is BaRtAwesome worked +1 i was on the downloaded version.
Posted by My Name is BaRt on 25 Aug 15 at 03:59
ChooseMyFateStill works. Super important below!

The xbox that you have the game on must be the one with the license or it will not work because it only downloads the trial.

If you don't know how to do that go here:

Posted by ChooseMyFate on 06 Jun 16 at 04:01
qManballinAs above, it is still working! Million thumbs up clap
Posted by qManballin on 28 Aug 16 at 20:55
MrZombieChickenI haven't tried this one yet, but will do it later today. I have the disc version.
I have a question though. When you say:
2. Transfer your profile on USB stick.
Do you really mean my profile (ie. GamerTag) or do you mean the save game? I try not to monkey around with my profile if I can help it.
Posted by MrZombieChicken on 03 Feb 17 at 20:27
ZalexzyProfile - gamertag, yes. Game saves inside your profile.
Posted by Zalexzy on 03 Feb 17 at 22:44
MrZombieChickenThanks smile
Posted by MrZombieChicken on 04 Feb 17 at 03:26
InsaneFlameLate to the party here but thanks for sharing this! Worked well for me on the downloaded version.

Can work on the final tables with the confidence to buy back in as many times as i need.

Posted by InsaneFlame on 09 Feb 18 at 11:21
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 28 Jul 18 at 19:25