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09 Sep 2012
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This is for kissing 20 boys. To kiss a boy, you need to make sure that you have flowers, for one. If you have the respect of all the gay boys in the game, you need to go and seek out the gay boys. The gay boys that are in the game are:

1) Kirby, a Jock who usually wears a grey shirt when hes running around on the football field. Otherwise he'll be wearing a blue shirt. He has brown hair.
2) Cornelius- a black nerd. He will be wearing lighter green, like the rest of the nerds. he has glasses
3) Trent- A bully, wears a white shirt, and has blonde hair.
4) Vance- A Greaser who has red hair, and blue eyes. When you greet him, sometimes he'll say "Whats buzzing cousin?"
5) Gord- A prep. He wears an Aquaberry sweater. He has dark brown hair.

When you approach one of these guys, you have to give them flowers, press LT, then A when the flower symbol pops up. And then when you give them the flowers, you then kiss them by pressing LT, and then A again.