Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review by KungFuMonk3y

04 Nov 2009
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Ok, so admittedly I am a HUGE Van Halen fan. I love both David Lee Roth, and Sammy Hagar. Although I'd love to see/hear some Van Hagar songs on this game, the DLR era songs on here are awesome classics, and very fun to play.
I loved the trivia facts that you can read while the song plays once you've bested the song.
The non VH music on this album is a pretty good selection of music that I like personally. Much much improved over the insanely odd/eclectic collection of music on GH5. Coming from someone that is very eclectic in their music tastes that's saying something. :P
GH VH doesn't make any huge improvements or changes to the formula. If you are tired of rhythm games, then you'll be bored with this one, but if you are a fan of the band and their music, you will probably have fun with this one.
Speaking of missing band members, this just isn't the real Van Halen without at least a tribute to Michael Anthony, but sadly the great Eddie VH threw a pity party and basically has tried to erase his existence from the band completely. But really this is just a trivial fanboy complaint.... the game rocks for me. Personally, I think this is the best kind of band for a true Guitar Hero game. Van Halen is a true Guitarist's band, with Eddie VH being one of the best guitarists of all time.
KungFuMonk3yForgive my non professional writing skills... if you want more gritty details, there are several reviews by professional sites.
Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 15 Nov 09 at 17:34
Mickey BurnsI agree about the exclusion of Michael Anthony ... "Classic Wolfgang"?!? WTF! I want to slap away at that Jack Daniels bass!
Posted by Mickey Burns on 11 Jan 11 at 04:03