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Tactical Espionage Action

Within a single Focus, aim and throw three different types of items.

Tactical Espionage Action0
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King fiShiZKing fiShiZ317,216
15 Sep 2012 15 Sep 2012
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This is a very easy Achievement, but you need at two additional Items, that you may have to unlock and buy first (You get unlocks by getting Seals and Stars)

Search for a Object that you can target (Guard or a Light) and throw your Kunai and your two other Items while holding holding LT, release LT and the Achievement should pop-up
Doc ChopperThanks for your solution. Tried this dozens of times but I couldn't get this at all, because the german translation of the achievement description is wrong. It says "Aim and throw AT three different items"
Posted by Doc Chopper on 30 Dec 12 at 13:20
ToxicTechnetiumgood guide
Posted by ToxicTechnetium on 26 Aug 13 at 20:42