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17 Sep 2012 17 Sep 2012
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Blue Dragon was one of those impulse buys that I didn’t really put any thought into. I kept seeing it being sold around GAME stores for under a fiver and gave in eventually and bought it. Even if it was pretty rubbish, I would have been able to say I didn’t waste much on it. It’s probably one of the best impulse buys I’ve ever made!

I started the game expecting a pretty poor attempt at making a Final Fantasy style game and while it reminded me a lot of the Final Fantasy series, it went above and beyond all my expectations.
To begin with, the storyline is really good. It keeps you wanting to know the next bit and though the game is long, it keeps you hooked. I’ve almost finished and I’ve played it for 50+ hours altogether since I bought it. An hour here and there really does add up and you won’t realise you’ve played so much. The gameplay is also really good.
The battle system is very well setup, adding a number of things I haven’t seen before and others that just haven’t been done as well as Blue Dragon does it. The fact you can battle multiple monsters (I’ve done 6 different sets in one go!) is really fun. You also get bonuses between each multi battle you do, such as extra hp, more mana and faster movement, which is really useful. The magic moves are also really good and you can unlock some pretty awesome ones by the end of the game. Each character also has a special signature move, though I never seem to be in battles long enough to use them!
As with other RPG’s, you can equip a number of different items which help you in a number of ways on the battlefield. I found the system reasonably well put together though I found that comparing items could be a bit daunting if you had a number of them.
You also get a lot of freedom in the later stages of the game so you can go back easily and get stuff you’ve missed. There really is loads of stuff to do in the game so you will always be doing something! One problem is that it does take a while to level up in later levels and it is not easy to unlock gamer points. If you buy games to get gamer points, this is NOT the game for you. I have 30 after 50+ hours of play! I don’t buy games for the gamer points though so I don’t mind.

Graphically, the game is reasonably competent. The cut scenes are pretty cool and the in-game graphics are decent. They are nothing special but then there is such a thing as pushing graphics too far on games like this. It’s easy to see and manoeuvre your character around and easy to see what you are doing. The only problem I found was with the map system, which could be a bit confusing at times.
The sound track is also pretty repetitive, to the point when I just turned it off and put on my own music instead. I can’t deal with the same music over and over again and that is what happened. (though the battle music is pretty cool) Having said that, you don’t buy these sort of games for the epic sound track.

Graphics 8.5

Pretty good graphics. They suit the game and the scenery and area design is well thought out.

Gameplay 9.5

Great fun and very addictive. The missions are all great fun and it’s very satisfying to see your characters grow in strength.

Sound 5.0

Very repetitive though the music isn’t actually that bad. You’re best off turning the sound off though.

Longevity 9.5

This is a long, long game but it keeps you going for the duration.

Overall 9.0

TitleInLargeThe voice acting in this game is hideous lol, I couldn't stop cringing. Luckily that is swept away by the great gameplay. ;)

Oh and lets not forget the button mashing achievements. My god even a rapid controller stands no chance!
Thumbs up!
Posted by TitleInLarge on 18 Sep 12 at 13:46
SkinstakovicAnd it really isn't too bad a 1000gs, bit of rubber banding for the level and shadow level achievos really helps :)
Posted by Skinstakovic on 22 Sep 12 at 12:55
Sera Di SiahGood review. I'd say the music was good, nothing against it but yeah the voice acting was pretty poor. Great game though, loved it, one of the best TBRPG's to date. :)
Posted by Sera Di Siah on 29 Sep 12 at 23:10
the psychopa7h"one of the best TBRPG's to date" i agree
Posted by the psychopa7h on 30 Sep 12 at 07:23
DelithThis game really is a hidden gem. Good review!
Posted by Delith on 10 Oct 12 at 16:21
the psychopa7hTy all guys smile
Posted by the psychopa7h on 10 Oct 12 at 17:48