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Complete a Full Class with two players

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19 Sep 2012 19 Sep 2012
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This one is quite easy. You just have to load up any class with a second player and complete it.

- The class can be any length but for obvious reasons pick a short class which is four or five songs long.
- I do not know if you can use a custom class for this. I just decided to play it safe with the set classes.
- Your score does not matter. You just have to remain in view for the entire class.
- The second player can be a guest - they do not need to be signed in.
- Make sure your gamertag is recognised as the first player in the pre-class lobby.

If you don't have a second person handy, then find your nearest, large household object. I got a chair and threw a blanket over it. In fact I didn't even use myself to play me - my part was played by a clothes horse with a blanket over it while I walked off and did something else wink

To set up with an object or objects, you'll probably have to do this step regardless since you have to raise your hand as the second player to be recognised. So put yourself in first, replace with your object and then duck out of view. Take the second object, bring it into view with you, raise your hand to be included and then duck behind the object. Get back in front of the first object to start and then either push it out of view or get back behind it depending on if you want to burn a few calories or not.
KinkimonoI tried doing a custom class for the sake of information and it didn't work
Posted by Kinkimono#1538 on 13 Jun 13 at 05:24