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Suicide Missionary

Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty

Suicide Missionary0
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Sir VegemiteSir Vegemite650,022
10 Nov 2008
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ok insanes back and stronger. but if you want an easy way out just do a local co-op campaign and set the account wanting the achievment on insane and the other on casual(just have a guest singed in). then select any act/chapter but starting from the start will be easier. Just have the insane person hide back and let the casual do all the work.

some parts are easier if you sign the 2nd player out if you are doing by yourself like, act 3 chapter 1, act 3 chapter 3 or 4 well the driving act and act 5 chapter 5.

also you have to train the rook( Carmine) to get it.

not to mention if you want it properly just remember to use cover,blindfire in cover and don't rush as you get slowed down when you rodie run.
Rotten TroutCurrently working on doing Co-OP Casual-Insane method, works really good, can't wait to finish and get the points.
Posted by Rotten Trout on 11 Nov 08 at 03:01
Reg TxThanks man great method!
Posted by Reg Tx on 15 Nov 08 at 23:47
Madlmax120Or you could just do it normally =/
Posted by Madlmax120 on 18 Nov 08 at 16:37
AkalabethI didn't "Train the Rook" and still got the achievement, along with the friend that I played with on co-op.
Posted by Akalabeth on 21 Nov 08 at 13:37
xNBKx Jigsaw250Its a good tip for those that want to just get the achievement, I myself wanted a challenge though so I did it on insane. I did need a little help on the last act, but oh well.
Posted by xNBKx Jigsaw250 on 24 Nov 08 at 01:59
Blind Sniper 06Akalabeth is a liar. You MUST train the rook or you will NOT get the achievement because the games records the checkpoints and you get one immediately after you agreed to train him.
Posted by Blind Sniper 06 on 24 Nov 08 at 19:34
Kurai koiYou can do chapters in any order you want, so long s you do them all

But seriously, I beat it on my own just fine, its a great challenge =/
Posted by Kurai koi on 25 Nov 08 at 17:55
DorwrathIf you have trained the rook in a previous run through the campaign you DO NOT have to do it again on insane.

You only have to train the rook ONCE
Posted by Dorwrath on 30 Nov 08 at 07:02
Boramir1I believe Dorwrath. I did not train the rook on insane and got the achievement.
Posted by Boramir1 on 06 May 10 at 16:16