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All Gold Arcade

Achieve a gold medal in every Arcade Race.

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10 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009
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Alright, this is a solution that will allow you to win every race in your first try!
The objective of this achievement is to place first in every exhibition race. There are 15 or 16 races. Your objective is to place first, not to get the fastest time in the game. This isn't Time Trials.

So with that being said, go to your career, and buy a car menu. Select an Acura RL A-Spec. This is a D 399 class car. Now go to Upgrade and select:
1. Anti-Roll Bar: Progress-Sport Anti-Roll Bar
2. Transmission: Comptech Street Transmission
3. Clutch: Street Clutch

You should be at a D 400 class now.

Now in all of the races, the computer cannot select AI opponents above your class. So if you have a D class, the AI cannot be C class or higher. If you upgrade your Acura as I have said, you should have the most powerful engine in the D class, at around 300hp, and great handling. Although when you look at the stats, and it says you a 3.1 on acceleration, it is inaccurate. You Acura will out-accelerate any other D class car, the computer puts you against.

I won every race by margins of 6 sec. or better. You don't have to be the best driver, I went off the roads many times and still came back to win the race, do to the speed of the car.

To unlock the achievement, simply place first in every race. Remember that the objective is to be in first place, not the fastest car in the game. Your car will have a max speed on flat land of around 115mph. That makes your car a lot easier to handle then a car going 200+mph! Unlocking Gold will unlock Silver and Bronze sub-achievements.
SmedsWow awesome guide, it'll definitely help me get this achievement this week! Positive for sure.
Posted by Smeds on 18 Nov 09 at 20:37
TheIcemanComethWhile I have only done the first seven of the fifteen Arcade races, I can vouch that this solution works. Putting the Acura at the top end of the D class definitely helps (as I assume it would for any class). But the slower speeds of the D class make it very manageable. I've won every race so far by at least a couple of seconds (I'm not the best driver either).

One thing to remember is that when you get to the car/class selection screen, you need to pick the far-left option to get the car you created using the list above from your Garage.

Kudos to Spectre!
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 13 Dec 09 at 15:20
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 13 Dec 09 at 22:09
KloxiconAmazing! Worked like a charm! I suck at racing games let alone simulator racing games and you made this virtually painless. You da man!
Posted by Kloxicon on 07 Jul 10 at 17:37
AdolphMarxIf this guide is bad then I am the greatest simulation racer of all time. Thumb up!
Posted by AdolphMarx on 12 Jul 10 at 05:15
SpectreSubZeroThanks everyone for your feedback!
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 14 Jul 10 at 05:14
Travius1990Wish i'd have seen this guide sooner! The way i completed this was sooo much more difficult. Definately something rookie racing gamers should use. 2 Thumbs up!
Posted by Travius1990 on 03 Aug 10 at 21:21
Martin237Yo thanks for the heads up I got most of the races on my first go and the ones I had to do over were because I kept crashing my car horribly but with the mods you suggested this was easy
Posted by Martin237 on 27 Aug 10 at 06:50
used the 1970 chevelle ss for most of the races but had to use the acura for some of the more windy tracks. Going for a N.American thing. Thanks for the suggestion
Posted on 07 Sep 10 at 16:40
SpectreSubZeroOdd that it didn't work for you, I used it on every race. This car should give a real advantage when it comes to Nurnbergring, because it has the highest top speed of all the D class cars
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 12 Nov 10 at 11:47
Pacer Familywow worked perfectly
thank you
Posted by Pacer Family on 13 Jan 11 at 03:08
x Shady PhoenixGreat guide, was stuck on the last one and this helped a lot. Won by 15+ seconds!
Posted by x Shady Phoenix on 01 Feb 11 at 21:57
FinderKeeperWas stuck on Nurburgring, same as the last comment. The tweaks made the difference... won by 1.6 seconds.
Posted by FinderKeeper on 10 Aug 11 at 02:06
fallouthirteenIf you can't get the achievement with this solution, you don't deserve it. Managed each race with about a 15 second lead; passed the competition right at the start and never got passed once.
Posted by fallouthirteen on 02 Sep 11 at 23:26
RealityBitesDogThis solution rocks!!! I am not a gifted driver but I won each race first time. Thanks a lot mate, great work
Posted by RealityBitesDog on 08 Aug 12 at 19:34
Boarder8912Worked just like it said. +1
Posted by Boarder8912 on 04 Mar 13 at 03:27
FanciestDragoonQuite simple,at nurburgring just use the vauxhaull Astra,much easier to handle and better acceleration than the Acura and no need to tweak.........was stuck on this for days and as soon as I used the Astra cracked it first time
Posted by FanciestDragoon on 18 Oct 13 at 07:18
xBTCx CorruptedGreat guide, thus far... but after reading ALL the comments... the proof will be when I hit the Nuremberg Ring. I'll let ya know how that turns.
Posted by xBTCx Corrupted on 02 Sep 14 at 07:07
PlacidoPaltiProGreat find, thanks for the help!
Posted by PlacidoPaltiPro on 25 Feb 15 at 20:39
neosaladgood guide.. worked a treat
but i would add that ACURA is the brand of car and is found in the USA garages in the shop, NOT JAPAN under Honda.

i was really puzzled as i was looking for a Honda Accura, but couldnt find it at all and had to google Forza 2 Accura to work out that there is a make called Acura (we dont have them here in the uk)

also, TheIcemanCometh's comment about moving left to go to the garage to select your car you've moddified helped, as i was only getting standard stock versions of the cars to choose from...
Posted by neosalad on 10 Aug 17 at 11:12
SpectreSubZeroThanks for the up vote, but I can't find anywhere in the solution where I wrote the word Honda. Are you referring to my solution or someone's comment?
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 11 Aug 17 at 22:07
FaSCoRPJust a FYI, I am doing the races with the class D Saab and winning all easily. Tried the Acura but it is more like the same. I think on class D unless you totally screw it is hard to lose a race if you drive decently.
Posted by FaSCoRP on 12 Jul 19 at 02:04