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Glutton for Punishment in F.E.A.R. Files

Glutton for Punishment247 (55)

Complete all Instant Action maps on Extreme difficulty in any order.

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255,035 (98,970)
Achievement won on 04 Oct 12
TA Score for this game: 2,082
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Extreme mode has enemies' weapons doing 120% damage (vs. 25% on Low, 65% on Medium). When you do each map for the first time, play it on Medium. This will let you learn the layout of the level.

Once you've completed it on Medium, start running the map on High. Get to learn the enemy start/spawn points, and try to anticipate them. Make sure you bring the right weapons for each fight. On High, you take 85% damage, so you'll get a good handle on avoiding damage while not being punished too severely for getting hit. Once you can do 2-3 runs of the level on High without dying, you're ready for Extreme.

You will die a LOT in Extreme, especially in the Subway map (the hardest, IMO), but you must persevere. Use headphones if you have them; hearing enemy footsteps is essential to getting the first shot when they're coming around the corner. Beware enemies toting the MP-50 or Type-7. Without armor, they can one-shot you!

Don't be afraid to backtrack to pick up anything, but be mindful of one-way doors and gates. Armor is best saved for when you have to move to the next area, ensuring you can soak some damage if necessary.

My Extreme map runs are listed below. These were recorded in 720p, so you should be able to see enemies in the distance easier. I try to show where the enemies spawn and are scripted to go.

Map 1 - Subway:
There's a trick to setting up how the Replicas act in the beginning. Stay on the stairs after killing the middle and right Replicas, then try to get the left one to come after you. Putting a couple rounds into him will make him attack you. You must not kill him there, however. If he comes close, and you kill him while he's in front of the pillar in the video, the Replicas in back won't know you're there and will stay idle, making them easy kills.

After clearing out the train, make sure to look down the first stairway as you run by. This causes two Replica to hesitate for a moment, making the third elect to take the far stairway.

In the subway car, the car you start in is initially moving quickly, then slowly moving back and forth, while the opposite car is stationary. This is why that glitched Replica gets tossed all over the place. This also causes Replicas that spawn on the first car to appear to be sliding around.

Map 2 - Garage
In the beginning, try to sneak past or lure one of the shotgun-toting Replicas to follow you towards the door. At range, they can only do scratch damage. Killing him last gives you plenty of time to ambush the next wave.

Against the REV8, strafing back and forth around the pillar makes it very hard for it to hit you, as it can't lead its rockets if it can't see you.

The Hind stops firing at you once it passes over the far garage.

Map 3 - Catacombs
Closing the distance fast is essential in the first part. The shotgun sometimes caused me problems with turning them into a red mist, blinding me. The stairwell to the cellar is an awesome camping spot against the Replicas down there. Here, you can get the drop on the MP-50 Elite very reliably.

You'll see me move pretty slowly through the initial basement area. Normally, all three Elites activate once I start shooting. This was a rare instance of the MP-50 Elite not noticing right away, and the HVP Elite never alerting at all. I keep expecting him to be hiding right around the corner, and don't want to take any risks.

It takes ten direct hits from the MP-50 to bring down the Heavy Riot Armor. Don't use it around corners, or you risk liquefying yourself.

Map 4 - Santarium
It's important you rush into the building after taking out the Heavy, or the next wave will have you pinned down quickly.

The Nightmares have 35 health. The pistols and HVP do 40 and 35 damage per shot, respectively. This makes them ideal weapons for fighting them.

Make sure you have a full Slow-mo gauge when you start the fight with the Shades. They have 300 health, but a shotgun blast at point-blank can one-shot them.

Map 5 - Elevator
The first stop on the elevator generally plays out in three different ways, but staying in that corner guarantees their grenade won't hurt you.

Standing between the two vending machines on the third stop makes it impossible for the Shades to reach you.

Sometimes the HRA will move to the right. If you wait for a bit, he'll take the stairway down, allowing you to snipe him with the MOD-3 (3-4 bursts will take him down) at little-to-no risk to you.

The six elevators open in sequence. After the first three, you must take out the Replica on the balcony to advance. Then two doors open at once. Well-timed grenades and the MOD-3 will take them out with little risk to you. Use the Type-12 to clean up.

Map 6 - Clinic
This is the easiest of the missions, IMO. Going toe-to-toe with the Heavy is safer than trying to take it out at range.

Map 7 - Arena
When the Replicas are on the upper level, they are usually considered flat-footed, and will die from a single hit. I let a few jump down because I need their weapons. Once you get the Type-7, go nuts with it.

Having a turret at either end of the arena draws a LOT of attention away from you. It causes the REV8's AI to spaz out, unable to decide what it wants to shoot at. It has 2500 health + 2500 armor, and takes about 2 1/2 clips from the Type-12 to bring down.

Slow-mo is forcibly activated when the REV8 arrives, but your gauge gets glitched. Once it gets back to green, you can activate it, and you'll start draining from a full gauge.

Map 8 - Sprint
Another easy one. Rushing in gives you a serious tactical advantage here (aside from the beginning). They give you all the tools you need to wreak havoc on the Replicas here.
CaptainPoopey70 Just wanted to say 'thank you' for your guide and videos as they've been very helpful. I gave up on these years ago and randomly decided to come back to check BUGAJ75's guide (which is very helpful also). Now I finally have these all done. Some of the techniques you're using are brilliant, I wasn't always able to copy them so sometimes patience was the key. I never would have been able to pass 'Arena' or 'Subway' without your videos, they were ridiculously tricky to pull off.

It may be worth pointing out that the countdown timer can be ignored (take your sweet time with these and keep your slo-mo bar full before each encounter). Also, if you don't have headphones handy just crank up your TV volume to listen out for the enemy's footsteps. If you're hiding around a corner waiting for your slo-mo to recharge you'll be able to hear them approach and have enough time to do something about it. These guys don't mess around on Extreme! I found that reducing your controller sensitivity to it's lowest is beneficial when trying to line up headshots. There is also a setting where you can switch off the gore if close-range shotgunning is causing too much red mist.

Very frustrating but very rewarding when you clear each map! Thanks again man.
Posted by CaptainPoopey70 on 12 Dec 12 at 22:57
Death Metal Jim Awesome videos man. They helped me alot, especially the Elevator level. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Death Metal Jim on 02 Apr 13 at 22:37
DarkDan88 Good guide, although the minigun really does make everything much easier. I nearly couldn't believe it when you didn't pick it up in the Garage level.
Posted by DarkDan88 on 09 Sep 15 at 17:03
darkling1542 Wow i don't think i could have made it without your guide.
It's been a big help.
Posted by darkling1542 on 22 Sep 15 at 23:03
A4TH BrokenHalo Anyone have a problem with the achievement not unlocking? I have a score on the leaderboard for extreme for every map but no achievement.
Posted by A4TH BrokenHalo on 01 Jul 18 at 00:14