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Unlock 25% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro

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08 Oct 2012
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The way I did this was to keep searching for drop in matches, and only play if it was just you on one team, or if there was like 4 people in the lobby, just wait till they leave.

Once In Pick "ANY" as your position, this means you control the whole team, but can still gain accomplishments very easily. Now as the whole team, just pass to your pro, influence the game, and let him get his stats up, move him around positions, My VP was originally a CAM , but when I changed him to a forward his percentage went up from 14 to 15 , and when I changed him to a GK it went down, so keep finding these matches, and just help your pro, do skills or attempt, dribble round players, through balls, and assists and of goals and you will have both the 10% and 25% achievements in no time.

Took me 6-8 Games I believe. Very simple Just takes a bit of time on a Sunday Afternoon!
Felix PieThis achievement is a little misleading. It is for 25% of your position accomplishments. This is the bar listed by your players pictures in the profile. There is a separate total accomplishment percentage that can be found by scrolling through your accomplishments. Just thought I would point this out as I was confused and thought someone else might be too.
Posted by Felix Pie on 05 Jan 13 at 22:10
dannyleek547I've now got this achievement, by doing drop in games, took me 9 games, 3 as a striker, 3 as a CAM, 2 as a CB and one as a GK. Got plenty by running out as the GK and mashing the skills, accidentally bumbling around people who were trying to hack my player down and missing, then proceeding to do 3 kick feints in the box and getting taken out for a penalty, and scoring it. Percentage flew up!!
Posted by dannyleek547 on 15 Jan 13 at 21:18
xPut Name HerexIt should be noted this can't be done in friendly club matches
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 09 Mar 13 at 15:43
Lazy with StyleCan you tell me how many accomplishments you need? When you say 6-8 matches, this is not very helpful because some of us are better players, some of us are not so good (besides you say that you played 6-8 matches in the 10% achievement solution too, so you got both achievements in a maximum of 8 games? Very confused because I think you need around 60 accomplishments for 25%). So to sum up: Knowing the amount of accomplishments would be better because everybody can check on his progress from match to match like this.
Posted by Lazy with Style on 09 Jul 15 at 21:23